Tetris Concept is Retiring (just kidding)

Thread in 'Discussion' started by caffeine, 23 Jun 2009.

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    go stack cups, nerd
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    stack cups? nerd?

    wrong person.
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    Caffeine, if only you saw everything going on right now. #arika is livid.

    You aren't listening to us, you're only doing what you want to do, you won't give us the transfer of ownership or forum dumps we were practically begging for, did you even consult us before deciding to give the wiki, OUR wiki, to Wikia?

    I'm going to ask you this one simple question, Caffeine. Do you even care about us? If the answer is no, then go right ahead and say it, then both of us can stop wasting each other's time because come on, when you start posting things like this:

    does that really help solve anything, at all? The way this topic is going, to me, and I may be wrong, it really does look like you don't care anymore, so just tell us, because we are getting nowhere right now, and knowing that we can never change your mind on this is better than this roundabout-turning-childish argument going on now.

    If you DO care about us, then you need to listen to us, do the thing that is best for the community, and not just what you think is best. Step into #arika and talk to us, we won't firebomb you upon your entrance because we want to keep the community going strong, and we can't do that without you, right now. Listen to myndzi because he is part of this, listen to jujube because he is part of this, listen to all of us, but you need to actually LISTEN and not trample all over us or treat us as inferior. This is OUR site, all of us, but right now it rests in YOUR hands, but WE as a whole have spoken and see no good reason for the option you've chosen as opposed to what we've suggested.

    Once again, if you don't care about us then just say it, it's not the wrong answer, the only wrong answer is not answering or answering and then lying about it.
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    I'm kind of offended by the fact that you think I have a mental disorder because I'm resisting the deletion of a forum I felt very much a meaningful part of.
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    carebear guy you're a page late i already asked what you said but in like one million less words
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    Ok people this thread is going nowhere. I talked to caffeine on the phone for a while and his position is firm. If you don't get it, take it up with me personally, preferably on IRC, and I'll try to explain in terms you can hopefully understand.

    Caffeine: One thing we didn't touch on but that I don't think you would mind too much is an extension. 2 weeks is pretty tight for a community to uproot itself and move elsewhere... Can we get until the end of July or something? There are flyers in Seattle linking TC for more information on the upcoming tournament!

    Everyone else: Stop with the drama it won't change a thing. Those of you who want to be a part of rebuilding our community can come to #arika on quakenet, where we will be making coordinated plans. I think the next site will be a group effort, so you don't have to worry about it sharing TC's puny mortality. We'll vote on names soon and hopefully get the gears in motion.

  8. Nice!
  9. Yeah, fix'd.
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    Years back, when Microsoft first introduced ".net" - I visited microsoft.net to see what all the fuss was about, but was puzzled to find out that microsoft.net was identical to microsoft.com.
  11. Concerning the recent events, I find this smiley appropriate: [​IMG]

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