Tetris Concept is Retiring (just kidding)

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    Look, caffeine, we're not ungrateful for the time and effort you've donated to the maintenance of this website in the past. That's a very good thing you've done, and with it we were able to make a community as large and autonomous as we have already. But like Rosti said, we're taking an unnecessary hit to our growth and viability this way, and as myndzi said, a lot of people (including myself) are really attached to this place and would call it our internet home.

    We're very sorry to hear that you don't want to administrate the site anymore, but here's how I see it: You may own the site in the fact that you pay for it and you own the server and whatnot. But the information enclosed on these forums and the wiki is not all yours. You're telling us that you're taking our contributions and pulling them down with the ship, and a lot of people don't like that. That's why there's a call for a forum dump. There's a lot on these forums that far transcends anything the wiki holds. If you want to shut down your own site, that's perfectly within your rights. But please don't tell us that we're going to lose access to all of this that has been built up over the years.

    TC is a website, and the people are the community, which is true. But the website is a meeting point for the community and the place where new members come to first. There are also a lot of people who don't frequent the IRC channels but are still fully legitimate members of the community and they will shortly be stripped of this.

    Yes, I'm aware of the fact that you have no power to tell us to not make a second website, and that you are encouraging us to do so. But many of us would like to see this site live on.
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    whoa, this is unexpected.

    thanks caffeine. i can't thank you enough. and of course thanks to everybody that made this place great. it's sad to see it come to an end.

    in all honesty i don't blame caffeine for not wanting the name "tetrisconcept" associated with a site run by somebody else. we don't know the connections he has, and the possible damage to his reputation that could ensue when a site of the same name inevitably follows a new direction, such as becoming a place where it's ok to distribute roms or other copyrighted material, or for there to be anything else going on that caffeine wouldn't have liked. for all he's done to help build this community, i think we can respect this simple request.

    i really don't see what the big deal is about a community moving to a new domain name. it's easy to advertise at places like youtube and tetrisfriends. the few people that come to TC once every 6 months would be replaced by newer players who are actually excited about the game. that might sound harsh, but why should we say "no caffeine, sorry, we're taking the name with us, regardless of what you want" just so 1 or 2 old members have an easier time finding the community whenever they decide to show up again? and something tells me Report would find the new site, assuming TC actually expires before he sees the redirect link. all he has to do is google "Texmaster" and he'd find it pretty easily.

    in the meantime, let's make a community effort to find the best solution for archiving TC, and enjoy these last couple weeks.
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    It's not that we're not willing to start their own. It's just that we know that it'll take months or even years before it gets up to the level of this place. Or at least, that's why nobody has bothered before. It's not even that nobody has bothered (jjdb), it's just that they didn't succeed because TC was already too strong.

    Currently we don't want to start our own site not because we couldn't do it, but more because it's not the optimal solution for the community. Maybe the site would be better with a clean start, but in terms of population and members coming in, it wouldn't be. "Tetrisconcept" is out there, and people will have seen it, and the more they see it the more they'll be inclined to join. Changing the name destroys that.

    For the 100th time in the thread caffeine, I ask that you pass on the site to someone. Currently all we're heading for in this standoff is a crappy compromise that neither side is happy with, which would be tetrisconcept.net. We still lose the forum accounts, the main URL, all the links and shit will break, all the advertising for this place has to be redone, we lose Google status, and from your perspective, there's still no real new site. We all lose.
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    I'm not whining at all
    you can do whatever you feel like doing and I couldn't care less
    but as a leader you have responsibility
    i have led many of the top guilds/clans in all kinds of games from mmos to rts and i know how it is to leave something behind
    looking back i am glad i gave leadership away instead of disbanding
    because when i log on people still remember me

    just throwin that out there
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    I take that as a personal insult, and TC will not directly link to such a domain name. And don't expect to just get tetrisconcept.com at the end of the year, either. I'll re-lease it as long as it takes.
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    Oh wow, now things REALLY get childish. What's next, poo flinging?
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    At least I fling my own poo, and not someone else's. =b
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    I'm a nobody on this forum, and feel I have little say in this. But this makes me feel very, very sad. I visit this site rather often, even though I rarely post, and the "small town" nature of this forum has always been pretty cool. Everyone knows all the active members and everyone's pretty nice to each other. Could this all continue without this site? Perhaps. But it just wouldn't feel right to me.
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    I don't fully understand how caffeine has managed to turn this into a standoff, or how he manages to justify it in his head. Everyone clearly wants the site to stay, and all caffeine is saying is "this is my sandcastle and I'll step on it if I want to". Continuing that analogy, he's even willing to put barbed wire around the beach so people don't build their own sandcastle there. [​IMG]
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    Can we also take it as a personal insult that you don't trust any of us to not manage to completely fuck up the site?

    Dropping the politeness now, I'd understand the argument of sentimentality, but the argument of "you guys are fucktards who could never do as good a job as me" doesn't really cut it with me. Aside from issues related to phpBB3 being completely and utterly shite as a forum software, there isn't any real maintenance involved in a place. Your successor could leave thing exactly as they are and I don't think this place would struggle too much. Literally do nothing and we'd keep naturally progressing as we are.

    Sure, you gave up two evenings a couple of weeks ago or whatever. But in the scale of this site being up full time, is that really that much of a commitment? I run quite a few forums, and I know that they pretty much just run themselves. Things don't break all that often, and they pay for themselves. Since putting a wiki and forum on this domain, I can't really think of any site administrator duties that you've masterminded which the rest us would have completely fallen short of.

    I think it's insulting for you to suggest that your departure would cause this place to completely crumble. If you cared so much about it's name, and about the site not becoming crap, you wouldn't be retiring this place for whatever reason. It's not like there aren't half a dozen or more people willing to fix whatever issues are present on the site. It's not like you even have to do any work on this place if you're happy to delegate it to willing hands.

    Going back perhaps to more constructive arguments: The rest of us only want what is best for the community, with stated reasons. From your perspective, how exactly would starting afresh actually be a good thing for the community?
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    Upset you've wasted $9.99?

    Look guys, once again I'm sorry about the inconvenience. We're starting to go in circles here, and it's starting to get bitter. For the last four years I've done my best for TC, and you're just going to have to be understanding now. I'm headed towards the beach tomorrow morning and won't be back 'till Saturday, so I may not get to answer your questions until then.
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    Know anyone over at wikia?
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    I know they maintain many successful wikis. It's what they do.
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    why do you so painfully try to justify yourself if your "decision" is set in stone

    also wikia is awful
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    Caff, you keep using your four years as admin to try and back it up. But all that time means nothing if you just let the forums and wiki die as you will.

    I mean, that's what you're doing, isn't it? Throwing away four years of your life as well as everyone else's? It seems like your four years of doing your best are totally cancelled by the simple fact that the thing you've been doing your best for won't exist anymore.
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    Define successful.

    I'm sure they turn a profit with all the ads. But I don't see how moving the wiki without the community that helped build it is in any way related to "maintaining its good name".
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    No, as I said in post #1, it's been a great four years. What I've aimed for is to make a lot more people a lot better at Tetris. That doesn't go away. I think some of you may have some mental problems or something. It's just a website. Maybe you have compulsive hoarding disorder or something. I expected some backlash, but this is outrageous. I'm not using "argument from authority" because I'm not saying I'm right because I'm admin. I'm saying I've done good things, and now yall are giving me hell and making me wish I never did. Throw me a bone, here.
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    throw a bone here
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    Yeah get a life you TGM fags.

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