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  1. They added more tuning levels so i wanted to know what exacly values there are for things, etc.

    https://ecl.tbc.tetrisfb.com/flash/xml/1.5_9/global.xml has values for tunning.
    please note that url of this file will change from version to version and also they an adjust values, so you should obtain content of this file yourself with tool like fiddler or httpfox to be sure it's up to date.
    level "0": delay "280" repeat "50"
    level "1": delay "250" repeat "48"
    level "2": delay "220" repeat "46"
    level "3": delay "195" repeat "44"
    level "4": delay "170" repeat "38"
    level "5": deley "160" repeat "30"
    level "6": delay "150" repeat "20"
    Line Clear
    level "0": animate "200" collapse "80"
    level "1": animate "175" collapse "73"
    level "2": animate "150" collapse "67"
    level "3": animate "125" collapse "62"
    level "4": animate "100" collapse "56"
    level "5": animate "90" collapse "52"
    level "6": animate "80" collapse "48"
    Soft Drop
    level "0": "50"
    level "1": "43"
    level "2": "37"
    level "3": "32"
    level "4": "28"
    level "5": "24"
    level "6": "20"
    all values are in ms. please note that tetris battle targets 40fps, not 60fps like most of games.

    costs of tuning are defined in https://ecl.tbc.tetrisfb.com/flash/xml/1.5_9/shop.xml

    cost of full tunning in coins is 490 cash.
    so you can either buy 700 cash for 1000 fb credits
    or 2 times 250 cash for 2*400 fb credits
    either way you need to buy
    1,120 fb credits for $100.00 USD
    that's sound bit expensive.

    don't forget you need to pay 25 cash per week for unlimited energy
    this is 1300 cash per year
    at best rates this is 2000 fb credits, so that is another 200$ per year to play without limits.

    by comparison on tetrisfriends.com full tunning costs 2*18 rubies
    so you have to buy 50 rubies for $4.99
    and there is no energy thing.

    garbage values for arena mode are in https://ecl.tbc.tetrisfb.com/flash/xml/1.5_9/arena6p_balance.xml
    nothing too suprising here.

    Single "0"
    Double "1"
    Triple "2"
    Tetris "4"
    TetrisB2B "6"
    PerfectClear "10"
    TSpin "0"
    TSpinMini "1"
    TSpinSingle "2"
    TSpinDouble "4"
    TSpinTriple "6"
    TSpinMiniB2B "2"
    TSpinSingleB2B "3"
    TSpinDoubleB2B "6"
    TSpinTripleB2B "9"
    Combo "1,1,2,2,3,3,4,4"
    B2B "0"
    Bomb "0,1,2,3"
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  2. somebody asked me about TB encryption since there started to encrypt xml files.

    algorithm used is blowfish
    mode is ecb
    padding with zero byte. (however on decrypt they use PKCS7, seems this mistake got unnoticed)

    key is "typeconfig.sys^_-" (without qoutes)

    you can try it here: http://www.tools4noobs.com/online_tools/decrypt/
    also check "Base64 decode the input"

    to encrypt: http://www.tools4noobs.com/online_tools/encrypt/
    however i'm not sure if padding will be ok, but it may not matter much, considering they use wrong padding themself and it works.
    however if it won't work you may want to try program i made instead:
    http://bayfiles.com/file/26gb/ftbfYP/TBCrypt.zip, i used that to edit global.xml file and it worked.

    seems same encryption is also used for encrypted api calls, but i have not checked.

    anyway, i expect they will try to change somethings as soon as they will realize this information is available.
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