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Thread in 'Discussion' started by virus, 17 Apr 2008.

  1. virus

    virus Unregistered

    Any of you up for a 1v1 in tetrifast ? BO19. you can find me in tetridome.com
  2. Muf


    Caffeine might take you up. Most of us steer clear from Tetrinet and co, because of its 'features' like random initial orientations and the 12-wide well.
  3. Bo? no thanks, too afraid!
  4. Cultris Pyruz

    Cultris Pyruz Unregistered

    I shit on these shook tfast fools. True story.
  5. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Hi virus, I am sure your tetrifast is a shit, but I would like to try anyway..The problem is that I can't find the page..Can you give us a direct link please ?
  6. i'll play, tetrifast is where i actually started. my nick is DontBlink or LiLBoY, see you there sometime.
  7. virus

    virus Unregistered

    Here you go , server is tetridome.com , please only join or try to play if you can atleast go 110ppm :/ , amnesia im sure that what ever game you play ... tfast players would own in it... and cultris ... son .. your greatest players originate from tfast. Started with tfast/tetrine and took their skills to other games... just for the record.

  8. Muf


    What's with Tetrinet players and shit talking? You don't really have to be full of yourself to be a good Tetris player you know. You're just stinkin' up the place.
  9. virus

    virus Unregistered

    umm.... Im not talking for all the tetrinet players. Im talking for my self based on facts. I challenged someone from this forum and you answered ... so if you really think you have a chance download the client , and use any nick . Im online now , just /msg virus "LETS PLAY" , and ill happily finish you. ill happily take a challenge from you too ,after we finish, in any tetris game.
  10. virus: don't be afraid to give different tetris games a try [​IMG]

    your skill will carry over

    ...and i recommend texmaster as a good place to start [​IMG]
  11. virus

    virus Unregistered

    hector : ive tried tons of tetris games, quadra , cultris , lockjaw , tetris friends , tgm1/2 , and some others ive found , and i still wouldnt change. The closest to tetrinet's addiction was cultris , but its envirement , is waay far of being close to tetrinets. Ex: You need a forum to comunicate.... we dont need that in tetrinet. we have multiplayer , single players , bots , etc. even if i would of started with any other tetris game and tested tetrinet i would still choose it. Tetrinet is the best and will continue being the best , no matter what opinions you guys have .
  12. ah i did not want to say that texmaster is better than tetrinet, i've never even played tetrinet! I am just making a friendly recommendation. If you are happy and set in your game, and uninterested in a change, or if you are interested only in netplay, then don't give it a second thought.

    ...of course the heboris mini has netplay now [​IMG]
  13. i love tetrifast and tetrinet2 too, but you gotta adapt with the times. tetris friends is actually being still worked on, and will add multiplayer in the future. not only that, but it's an official tetris game. tetrifast is no longer updated and the community is so small, probably less than 20 players on at once. i used to be like you before i found this forum, once you try other tetris games you'll realize that tetrifast although fun, is not the future of tetris.
  14. Honestly don't see why anyone would play 1 vs 1 on anything other than Heboris Mini right now. Other than the ability to have more than 2 players, it really doesn't lack anything the other games have, and has far more strong points.

  15. Actually, I think virus has a pretty good point about the social aspect of tetrinet. Say what you will about its gameplay, but the built-in features give the game a far more complete experience. Heboris has a long way to go to catch up in terms of rooms and chatting and whatnot.
  16. I would play.

    But why not set up a game through Heboris Mini and just set similar options to that of tetrifast? (only actually fast)

    - Jono
  17. virus

    virus Unregistered


    oh and btw , If tetris friends would had more control settings , more options , and that little IRC type of mode in the internet ... i would totally dedicate time to it. I love the design , the game play , the challenge , its a nice game , but just not as comftable as tetrinet. Cultris is great also ,but for multiplayer tetris game lovers.... Tetrinet Is the king of it. Heboris , has the idea of it , its nice , but blocks are not random , and downstacking it is just way to easy when you recieve the adds. A little chat box and randomizing those blocks , would give the game a 110% improvement.
  18. Not meaning to be rude but the fact that Heboris does not have "randomized blocks" is a 110% improvement from tetrifast. As for the downstacking being to easy, what your BPM/TPM for it?

    A chat box would be handy though.

    - Jono
  19. Zaphod77

    Zaphod77 Resident Misinformer

    you can set the randomiser to "random" in your main settings in hebo mini.

    Both players will still get the same set of pieces and the same garbage, so it will be fair.

    If you really want you can make a plugin that sends truly random garbage instead of one hole garbage.

    Only items are really missing from hebo multiplayer.

    btw, my mod to hebo multi adds a "hole shift rate" option that makes garbage a lot harder to downstack through. [​IMG]
  20. virus

    virus Unregistered

    I almost totally agree with you, but blocktrix is regularry maintained and updated by strikelight , and for the servers , our admin gave some of us Green Light to developing on it , and on the community scene, Yea probably your right but in the tetrifast mode, Tetrinet/ Tslow has a more greater community , 20+ players at once. And yea , probably your right , tetrifast is not the future of tetris in its way , but it will never die, its original and authentic since 1997. And yep , there are lots of interesting tetris games out there [​IMG] but i like more those multiplayer games [​IMG] where 6 players play at once and all recieve the same adds , and only the best makes it , etc etc.

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