Strategy: "TetriAttack Armageddon" Coming To XBox Live!

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  1. Hi,

    We just now got approved by Microsoft to be an official XBox Live game developer!
    At the conclusion of our current game project we will be preparing our last game:
    "TetriAttack Armageddon" for XBox Live consoles.
    (we just have to add XBox controller support)

    We want this "Limited Edition" to be special for XBox consoles
    so we were hoping some people here could play the current "Retail1 110%" version
    and provide suggestions for improvement?

    You can play the game right now in your Internet browser at below URL link webpage:

    Thank you in advance!


    JessePalser <AT> GMail <DOT> com
    16BitSoft Inc.
    Video Game Design Studio
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  2. Congrats on becoming an official developer!
  3. Alright, so I have some expertise on Tetris Attack also. Do note that Tetris Attack and Tetris are two VERY different beasts.


    - When tiles are matched, I'm able to "swap" out of these matches before the blocks clear.
    - Because of above bug, creating chains is exceedingly difficult due to a lack of space.
    - Swapping rapidly just plain stalls the game out - which can be exploited.


    - No way to customize controls. Booooooo.
    - The DAS is way too small, and I consider myself a pretty quick TA player.
    - That's a really short matrix. The width is good, the height's short as crud.

    Wait to progress to the Xbox LIVE Marketplace - you have too many bugs and potential issues to fix here. It's looking nicely polished, but a few feature/bugfixes should put your quality just that little bit closer toward "retail quality" - something several games in the Indie Games Marketplace seem to lack.

    EDIT: ...just as a testament, I bailed because I got bored:

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