Tell me how to survive the credits roll

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  1. Obviously the disappearing roll for now. The speed level might be a little too fast for me currently, but the bigger issue is that I'm not really able to remember where I dropped my pieces after a while, and thus end up flailing around in the darkness until I die. Are there any tips on how to improve on this end? Aside from brute force practicing the disappearing roll, I mean.
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    Welcome to the marvellous realm of invisible roll
    You're not alone (I'm trying to be supportive)
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    My best advice to you at this point is to get faster. Being faster means you have to remember less, and the fading roll pretty much becomes normal 20G if you clear lines fast enough. Manlock all the way.
  4. Actually, I just discovered that Texmaster's "999 5sec" is at a way faster speed setting than if you reach the roll starting at 900/SL900. And then I cleared the roll that way, so I guess I just need to have it happen during a normal Master session now?
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    WTF is you avatar system error! !?O_O
    It is making me crazy !!:sowsuser:
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  7. Glad you enjoy it. Have a larger-resolution version since the ones in the above post 404:

  8. That picture is a horrific rendition of mai waifu...

    Also obligatory image:

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