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  1. Ok, i'm going to give this a shot. This roster's purpose is to keep a running list of the locations of us TC members. This will aid us when it comes down to arranging meetings, gatherings, and get togethers. Note that just because this thread is here you do not have to feel obligated to post your location.

    TC Location Roster
    Name         Country    State       City   
    Monte ---------------- USA      California     Santa Cruz
    Digital -------------- USA      California     San Francisco
    Blink ---------------- USA      California     Riverside
    Red Star ------------- USA      Florida      Naples 
    Rich Nagel ----------- USA      Florida      Crystal River
    Fnord ---------------- USA      Pennsvlvania    Philadelphia
    Tetrisdude ----------- USA      Pennsvlvania    Philadelphia
    Gangsta_Fish --------- USA      Georgia      Columbus
    EIHoppe -------------- USA      Wisconsin     Milwaukee 
    Caithness ------------ USA      Maryland      DC Suburbs
    Z-Flo ---------------- USA      Hawaii       Honolulu
    Kotetsu213 ----------- USA      N/A        Washington, DC
    Sjoecool1991 --------- USA      Virginia      Lynchburg 
    Jujube --------------- USA      Kentucky      Lexington 
    Caffeine ------------- USA      Louisiana     Hammond 
    Tepples -------------- USA      Indiana      Fort Wayne
    Phydeaux ------------- USA      Tennessee     Cookeville
    Lewis ---------------- United Kindom N/A        Newcastle-upon-Tyne
    Lardarse ------------- United Kindom N/A        Bristol
    Ex_Mosquito ---------- United Kindom South Wales    Newport
    Amnesia -------------- Canada    Quebec       Gatineau 
    DeHackEd ------------- Canada    Ontario      Kitchener
    Rosti LFC ------------ England    Lancashire     Ormskirk/Liverpool
    Tom G ---------------- England    London       South London
    Kevcel --------------- Netherlands  N/A        Rotterdam
    Mufunyo -------------- Netherlands  Noord-Brabant   Eindhoven 
    Meroigo -------------- Sweden    N/A        Lund
    Lee N ---------------- Sweden    N/A        Vxj
    Herc ----------------- Germany    NRM & MVP     Bielefeld & Rostock
    -Jay- --------------- Germany    Bremen       Bremen
    PetitPrince ---------- Switzerland  Vaud        Lausanne
    Ai ------------------- Belgium    N/A        Antwerp 
    Sihumchai ------------ Malaysia   Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
    Here is the format for posting. Just copy and paste and post using the code tags.

    If you don't have a state insert N/A.
    Name        Country    State    City   
    Name ----------------Country    State    City 
  2. [Name] z-flo

    [Country] USA

    [State] Hawaii

    [City] Honolulu
  3. DeHackEd

    DeHackEd green Gm

    Name        Country   State/Prov   City  
    DeHackEd ----------- Canada     Ontario   Kitchener
    Though this might change soon, it'll probably be Close Enough (tm)
  4. [Name] kotetsu213

    [Country] USA

    [City] Washington, DC
  5. [Name] sjoecool1991

    [Country] USA

    [State] Virginia

    [City] Lynchburg
  6. jujube

    jujube Unregistered

    [Name] jujube

    [Country] USA

    [State] Kentucky

    [City] Lexington
  7. [Name] Red Star

    [Country] USA

    [State] Florida

    [City] Naples
  8. fnord

    fnord Unregistered

    [Name] Fnord

    [Country] USA

    [State] Pennsylvania

    [City] Philadelphia
  9. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Amnesia ----------------Canada    Quebec    Gatineau 
    It would have been more intelligent if everybody had written his personal info in the profile edition menu..Because these informations can be displayed in the memberlist..

  10. Yes but most people didn't bother so I made this roster.
  11. jujube

    jujube Unregistered

    yes, but the only problem is France would be on page 3 and Switzerland on page 8.
  12. [Name] Monte

    [Country] USA

    [State] California

    [City] Santa Cruz

    norcal in da house, baby!
  13. [Name] Kitaru

    [Country] USA

    [State] California

    [City] Clayton

    East Bay here.
  14. [Name] Ex_Mosquito

    [Country] United Kingdom

    [State] South Wales

    [City] Newport
  15. sihumchai

    sihumchai Unregistered

    [Name] Sihumchai

    [Country] Malaysia

    [State] Wilayah Persekutuan

    [City] Kuala Lumpur

    DIGITAL Unregistered

    Digital ------------ USA      CA     San Francisco 
  17. [Name] Blink

    [Country] USA

    [State] California

    [City] Riverside
  18. Code:
    Rich Nagel --------- USA      FL     Crystal River
    Crystal River
  19. [Name] Lee N

    [Country] Sweden

    [State] N/A

    [City] Vxj
  20. [Name] Lardarse

    [Country] United Kingdom

    [State] N/A

    [City] Bristol

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