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Thread in 'Discussion' started by herc, 14 May 2007.

  1. just an idea:

    is there any chance, that this forum and its people could define its own

    "Tetris Concept Guideline" - The TCG ?

    maybe - bringing together the best from both worlds (arika and TDS)....

    or at least a guideline for casual gamers and a second guideline for extreme speed players...

    another idea: what about defining some sort of gliding difficulty for the ruleset:

    low (gravity) levels: SRS with infinite spin

    medium levels: SRS, limited lockreset, more limited wallkicks and shorter lockdelay etc

    20g and up: floor kick once etc

    the problem , though would be initial piece orientation, as it barely could be switched during a single game session from flat side down to flat side up...
  2. While it sounds nice on paper, I doubt people can agree on a standard. There's a ton of mutually exclusive concepts, like the initial orientations you mentioned, or locking hard drop vs Zangi-moves, ARE vs no ARE, etc.
  3. so... how about 2 guidelines then? one for casual, one for highspeed...

    its just so amazingly confusing at the moment. and if you want to implement an online highscore list / leaderboard, one would need a set of rules most players are happy with. lockjaw is fine, heboris is fine, but when it comes to comparing the players skill, all those hundreds of options makes this hard or impossible....
  4. tepples

    tepples Lockjaw developer

    That could happen only after caffeine moves the site to a new domain, as he has been talking about for several months but not actually done. Otherwise, we'd have Mr. Rogers breathing down our necks.

    The guideline for speed players is supposed to be that scoring shall take into account pieces per minute.
  5. now wait a sec, you're the one who said a domain name ought not change.
  6. tepples

    tepples Lockjaw developer

    Ideally, a domain should not change:

    But under the current UDRP, Mr. Rogers and his company can force the change at any time through a WIPO arbitrator, just like what happened to and It might be better to get the change out of the way sooner rather than later.

    Split coming...
  7. these are open

    should be short and easy to remember. out of those, my gf "got", fyi.
  8. I don't think we should change the domain unless we have to. See:
  9. tepples

    tepples Lockjaw developer

    Do the people talk about fan games all the time like we on TC do?
  10. to tell you the truth, i'd really just hate to lose our google rank. it's bad enough already. and it takes a year to even be considered.
  11. here are some more domainnames... dont know if they qualify. at least no "tris" in the name...





    (have snipped away my list of domainnames... who knows... domaingrabbers are lurking everywhere.)

  12. Yes. It's even had romz available for many years.
  13. jujube

    jujube Unregistered

    if the domain name must be changed i'm voting for "tetricity." very sneaky clever name herc.
  14. Why do we have to change the domain name again?
  15. cdsboy

    cdsboy Unregistered

    Basically because TTC is notorious for killing any project with the name or use of tetris in it.
  16. bad thing.... the is already grabbed and parked.. (in august 2006, cant remember if i "created" the name before, but might be so, was thinking about domainnames last summer)

    its such a holy shit. every good domainname is just grabbed and parked with these stupid "search offer pages"... they sit on the domainname forever. in april i was hoping that these fucking grabbers release the domain - but they prolonged it. so we have an empty website what could be a nice dedicated fan site... and there is ABSOLUTELY no way to get it. (because kardon enterprises owns the trademark to blockout and they seem to be just uninterested in the domain. and i can barely ask them if they would fight for the domain for me to create a fan site....)
  17. How about something like ? Or ? (.com, .net, .org are already taken)
  18. Cubicz

    Cubicz Unregistered

    I really like .tv domains. INTERNET TELEVISION!?!?!

    So if we have a cool name that is 'parked' by search sites, a .tv is an option. But then there becomes an issue of people forgetting the .tv part and going to .com and just finding a search page.
  19. seems to be available [​IMG] They can't bug us for calling the site "TETr".. it'd be the equivalent of TREKr for star trek fans.
  20. it's going to be .com and it's not going to have tetr- or -ris if i do make a new domain name.

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