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  1. Sod AGDQ and all that bollocks, they're ages away.

    This week is the annual European TC meet in Eindhoven!


    Starting sometime in the middle of next week, depending on when important people show up (like me and jago) and when muf finally stops swearing and yelling at OBS and capture cards long enough to have the stream working properly.

    Current attendees list:
    • muf
    • jago
    • Rosti
    • Ms. Rosti
    • DrPete
    • user8293851
    • KevinDDR
    • Qlex
    • COL
    • steadshot
    • Niels_S
    • random Dutch dudes

    What will be there:
    TGM x 4
    NES stuff
    TAP x 1 (or 2??)
    TGM3 x 1
    Flags and cool signs and shit...

    And all this Dutch festival crap (or the Tetris part of it anyway), streamed from outside through the power of 21st century magic...

    And of course the Tetrisconcept European Masters III

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  2. So mcuh hype!

    I kinda want to make the TAP race a thing to try... How many hours? 10? Which day? Idk, we'll see :)
  3. I notice I've been relegated to the ''random Dutch dudes'' category.. that's no good D:

    Anyways, I'll meet you guys on Friday!
  4. Muf


    That's because you didn't list yourself as "coming" to the Facebook event when Rosti made the post :p
  5. Was awesome. Thanks to the staff and stay awesome as you are :)
  6. i cant describe accurately my disappointment with not being able to come to this. i will do my best to come next year. i will do some practicing on the non-NES versions so i can offer some competition.

    i also loved kevins video updates...
  7. K


    This year was Awesome again :D
    thanks to all attendies !

    Let's go even better next time ! :awe:
  8. this owned

    thanks all

    a retrospective of things I learned:
    * sticks are cool
    * there is a B button you can use to rotate pieces the other way (!)
    * there is such a thing as too much stroopwaffels, but it is a very high number that you are unlikely to reach unless you're a fat British tourist
  9. What a brilliant meet-up once again! :D
    Thanks so much for hosting this, muf, and thanks to all the attendees!
  10. You can also eat too many stroopwaffels if you're a fat American tourist, too. :p I ended up in the ER with horrendous stomach pains and a ludicrous headache upon arriving back in Newcastle. I'm not saying it was the stroopwafels...but they can't have helped. :p

    Had a great time, see you all...uh...sometime!
  11. Muf


    So this happened:


  12. I need to revisit my home country next time.

    Must go next time.

    Next time.
  13. Your last few posts have done a good job fitting with your avatar :p
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