TBlocks: A fully featured 10kB professional Python game, in text mode..!

Thread in 'Research & Development' started by Julian, 24 Feb 2024.

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    I introduce to you TBlocks:
    This is an implementation that runs in a Linux Terminal, fully featured (T-Spins, combos, hold, 5 nexts, shadow preview, SRS... you name it).
    You can scan the QR codes and ensamble the script in a plain text editor by yourself, then name it as somename.py, and run it with "python somename.py".
    If you prefer to skip the experience to get this game from the QR postcard, you can visit the GitHub page, and download the "TBlocks.py" file: https://github.com/JulianLell/TBlocks.git

    Warning: the speed of repetition of the keyboard must be adjusted in your operating system according to your control speed preferences.
    J: left / L: right / K: soft drop / M: hard drop / A: rotate anti-clockwise / S: rotate clockwise / Z: hold
    Q: quit / P: pause

    Score assignments, speed change and other game mechanics are supposed to follow the official guide.
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