TAP Sound Bug on MAME

Thread in 'Hardware' started by TheFellowJasper, 27 Apr 2019.

  1. Ok, so I'm at the point where I'm starting to play TAP more and one thing is somethat iritating me. During 500-699 section on master, one of the samples in 7/10-9/10 games get looped. Now, while I know it's happening even on actual PCB, I wonder, if it as often, and can you somehow decrease the frequency of that bug appearing? One thing is that on Death the same music in 0-299 section get bugged much less than in master

    PS. I'm using latest shumpmametgm with speed fix
  2. As someone who exclusively plays on PCB, it happens super often to me. Though which note gets repeated is "random", so it's more noticeable some times than others.
  3. I've played it a couple times on MAME. The sound bug can happen on the mode selection screen as well, but it happens quite often during 500-699 of Master. I haven't heard it during 0-299 of Death yet. I haven't heard of any way to decrease the chance of the bug happening.
  4. Well, thats a bit of a bummer, but atleast now I know that's not just something on my end. Thanks guys
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  5. Weird, it happens extremely frequently to me. In fact, probably more often than anywhere else.

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