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  1. My turn for a help-I've-stalled thread.

    I've been playing Grade Mania 2 rules on Nullpomino. It seems like lately I've been improving in terms of consistently getting closer to my ceiling, but the ceiling itself hasn't moved much. A typical game looks like:

    - Doing ok at the beginning, maybe an occasional misdrop that I have to clean up but otherwise it feels largely under control. The main weaknesses I see at this point are that I think I need to be more efficient at cleaning up messes and I need to break the habit of making towers while waiting for a piece that's ideal an be faster to bite the bullet on one that's less than ideal.

    - Something odd happens, somewhere around grade 4. Either I get a piece with no good place to fit it, or I misdrop, or control lag sticks a piece where I don't want it (my own fault for being lazy and not rebooting to Windows, where there's less lag). In any case, something goes wrong with one piece and then the next few pieces are typically also placed badly while I try to reassess the board since it's no longer what I was expecting it to be. This is also around the time that I should, but don't really, transition to weighting the stack more toward the middle–at least until it's too late.

    - By grade 3 or 2 it's usually a slow retreat to the top of the screen. I don't have the mobility to clear lines and move back down. Lots of singles or doubles here might extend the game into grade 1, but that's the limit. I haven't gotten beyond that yet.

    A couple of recordings, if anyone is willing to take a look:

    A few fairly typical games:

    My best game under these rules:

    Better gameplay than the last video, but I didn't live quite as long:

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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  2. I die about the same time you do, so I cannot help you alot. But I watched your best game and you tried multiple times to fix the left side with an I-piece, and its gets stuck vertically every time. You must learn to recognize if you can put the I-piece left with you current stack and to build a stack which makes this possible. E.g. at level 591 you could place the O just down, so you can IRS the following I-piece and move it over to the left.
  3. Thanks; yeah, that's an ongoing issue as I've been trying to break old habits from other rotation systems. I'm a bit better than I was, but still fall back into old patterns at higher levels.
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  5. Nice! All of you guys are doing great work! I can't help you guys out right now unfortunately, but I'm the following weeks I might be able to make something happening. Fingers crossed!

    Congrats on your S grade in any case :)
  6. Thanks Qlex - no problem if not, but any thoughts would be appreciated.

    New PB:

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  7. Wowowow! That is a very good result, S4!
    Gave a bit of commentary, hope it helps ;)
  8. Thanks, yes, it's helpful! What specifically would I be looking for if I go back to play TGM1 some more?
  9. I would say survival first, getting a clear with the 20g code would be really good and would improve your consistency. Either that or getting a GM/consistent clear, even though those objectives are pretty hard

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