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Thread in 'Competition' started by Amnesia, 5 Feb 2007.

  1. :(

    Lucky and unlucky. Cover up the score on your screen if it helps.
    By the way, I played a few games doing nothing but tetrises and optimizing for the item pieces. If you're doing combo stacking and don't have these scores at the following levels:

    Level Time Score
    100   1:05 58000
    200   2:10 153000
    299   3:15 267000
    300   3:15 400000+
    you should restart since you can do better by straight tetrising, and in fact you'll have lost time compared to tetrising because of all the line clear delay. That's how you get 400k. For 500k, you'll ideally want to be

    Level Time Score
    100   1:05 91000
    200   2:10 225000
    299   3:15 375000
    300   3:15 500000+
    or thereabouts, and it really really depends on luck in the last section. If a combo starting at level 260 or so contains 2 tetrises, you're in good shape. That's how I got all of mine (I've had plenty of games in the 470-485k range now).

    Obviously, some players like CT are faster. Others are a bit slower.
  2. [​IMG]

    .inp file is out of sync, so no vid, but it's okay because it's possible for me to do better if I handle the damn del even better.
  3. Someone should teach me how to play this mode so I can claim my board's scores. <_>
  4. Ai


    Nice game DDRKirby(ISQ). The combo score before bonus is very good. If you play 20 seconds faster 450k will be within your reach.

    Hereafter follows the ranking when only considering the combo score before the game shows your total score:

    1    rednefed        383994
    2    Ai              361226
    3    colour_thief    345804
    4    gila            331746
    5    DDRKirby(ISQ)   331506
    I didn't calculate some of rednefed's more recent scores over 500k so his score may be inaccurate. I'll update the ranking if you post your screenshots or scores and times rednefed.

    rednefed's previous post is accurate. What you should do first Kitaru is play some time attack games with as many tetrises as possible. This will have the following results if done correctly. Since you're faster than me I think you could easily get a score over 430k with straight tetrising.

    Afterwards start to introduce short simple combos. Follow a tetris by a double or triple and try to build longer chains when you get better. Doing this in the last section will have a big effect on your score. Of course you times will be a little slower, but with practice the difference between time attack runs and combo games will be limited to about 15 to 20 seconds.

    When you get the hang of it start stacking high in the first 8 columns (aim for an even surface) and leave the 9th column very low (I would say maximum 4 or 5 blocks high). The art is to bring down the stack to ground level by a string of doubles or higher clears. Repeat this process until the end of the game. You have to aim for 2 big combo chains per section. I usually have 5 or 6 in most games with scores over 450k.

    For methods to combo effectively I would suggest you read the wiki entries on combos and skimming for a start. Though you will find little help there I'm afraid. It may be best to watch a few of ct's, Amnesia's or my videos to easier understand how to play. You will notice that my games are very clean compared to ct's and Amnesia's who focus more on speed.

    Tetris the Grandmaster 2: Normal mode 484887
    Ai TAP Master Normal Mode 480303 ^^
    Ai TAP Master Normal Mode 459332 ^^

    There are also videos by Amnesia and a few of my Texmaster Novice games on Youtube that are worth watching. And how I wish there were videos of rednefed's 500k games. I'm sure I can also learn something from watching him in action.

    Here's a video I uploaded just now with the Silver CO Bronze AC combo from my post before this one:

    Ai TAP Normal Silver CO Bronze AC Combo; 181218 at Level 104 ^^

    This short video illustrates the essence of the method most of us use when combo stacking. It has the low 9th colum (4 blocks high), 2 long combo strings (Silver CO in both cases) in one section and a bravo. When the top of your stack is even like at level 84 always go for the kill. In most cases it will be a futile effort, but if you're lucky it will give your score a huge boost. Just repeat this process until the end.

    I have the most difficulty with the J and Z pieces. Nothing is more annoying than a Z followed by an S-piece and other sequences with S and Z pieces. While the T-piece is key when correcting messy situations. I try to initiate a combo sequence with the piece I receive after I get a Z or J-piece. When the Z-piece is followed by a J-piece, I start with the Z. That way it's unlikely those pieces will be dealt again soon afterwards. Easiest way to practice combo stacking is to aim for Silver CO or Gold CO medals in TAP Master. Try to consistently get Silver CO.

    It may sound and look easy, but it's far from that unfortunately. Play a lot and be 3D (determined, dedicated and dynamic). Some final tips: you need some help from the randomizer to get long back-to-back combos so be patient; try to stack clean at all times because one misdrop can kill a game if you're not skilled like Amnesia or ct (it's okay to mess up at the end of the first section because the FREE FALL item will undo any mistakes); avoid situations where clearing the FREE FALL item causes a cascade that clears too many lines and for DEL EVEN only use it when the stack is low (if your stack is high when you get the item, put it at the top and first clear your way down). Maybe rednefed or someone else can add to this post.

    I like what I see in your signature! ^^


    Someone should create a mode similar to Combo Race in NullpoMino for practice purposes.
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  5. I played this before your post and it seems like I've got the right sort of idea so far.
    Still not good enough for a board score, but I'll get it with practice.

    Also, I can't play Tetris with Card Captor Sakura on my PlayStation yet because it has anti-mod. :<
  6. Ai


    The combo score is 308918 which isn't bad at all. It's a top 10 score on tc. I think you can skip the straight tetrising part, unless it's to improve your stacking speed. Play more often and you're bound to be lucky with a few long combos to boost your score. Every session I play I get a few scores around 450k. Getting around 475k is still a lot more difficult to do. It's still too hard for me to get 5/6 very long combo chains regularly to have a chance at breaking 500k without bravo.

    What are the scores on the ranking? Too bad about Sakura.
  7. [​IMG]
  8. I can record some texmaster replays. Or heboris ones, they actually have the extra pieces. But watching you play, I think you have the technique down (and your stacking is definitely faster), so it's all down to luck and randomizer.
  9. Muf


  10. What? I don't have the inclination to set up recording, make it into real videos that take up lots of space, and take even more time to upload.
  11. Muf


    One word: ".inp"
  12. Ai


    Don't worry about it. ^^

    Hiding the score didn't work so far. I've seen the replay of your highest score in Novice and I'll have another look at it this evening. Though in Texmaster I can obtain scores over 550k with little effort. Currently my top 10 consists of scores all over 550k and I have recently broken 500k for the 100th time. It's the randomizer for sure. I'll need to get better at reading it.

    I'll play longer sessions more often and invite more risk into my play. Hopefully it happens soon and I'll upload the first game with a score over 500k. ^^

    @ Kitaru: It will be challenging, but you can certainly take first spot on the ranking!
  13. I was checking ben.shinobi's website (a french superplayer) for his world record video on shinobi when I found this:
    614.459 (Normal) player: Jun 10/2005
    600k o_O
    Please explain me :p

    PS: I can't believe Clover-TAC has a tgm record o_O
    This guy is just godlike on danmakus (many Cave official dvd's have a run played by this guy)
  14. Ai


    SQR mentioned JUN's score of 614459 with a time of 03:05:71 on the forum before. JUN had a combo that ended with a double bravo somewhere around level 250. I believe he gathered about 440k at that point. Score at the end of the game without bonus is 470364 (time bonus is 144095).

    Even higher wouldn't be unusual if you're lucky enough to blessed with a very long combo bravo in the last section. You may have seen my videos with scores of almost 200k around level 100. That's how powerful a combo bravo is in TAP Normal. ^^ Nice Doubles time by Clover-TAC. I'll probably add both records to the first posts of the concerning threads.
  15. that's amazing :p
    have you noticed jinpachi's record on tgm+ ???
    sub 8:53 o_OO_O
    also, fastest master mode time is crazy O_O
  16. [​IMG]

    I'm more than happy that I have beaten Amnesia :p
    Score would have been higher if I didn't have to wait like 6 seconds to make a tetris at the end because of a big mistake (and I'm wondering if waiting wasn't another big mistake ?)
  17. Ai


    Stacking for another tetris was the right choice. A tetris at the end of the game is worth almost 20000 points, while you lost only about 7500 points for the additional 6 seconds you wasted. And congrats with the fine score! ^^

    Combo ranking:

    1    rednefed        383994
    2    Ai              361226
    3    cyberguile      356088
    4    colour_thief    345804
    5    gila            331746
  18. 442601 @ 3:05:85
  19. First combo bravo:
    At 100: ~156k
    At 200: ~234k
    At 300: ~350k?
    Result: 479k. The second section wouldn't cooperate with me at all, and the third section was LOL NO I PIECES.

    Three games after:
    At 100: 88k
    At 200: 235k
    At 300: 370k+ (after a combo triple at 299)
  20. Ai


    Nice scores at the end of the second section. Usually I have a hard time getting over 220k. I played not long after Kitaru posted and the best I could get at the time was around 460k. Congrats with the new combo record. It would seem that without a bravo 400k is hard to break. ^^

    1    rednefed        384084
    2    Ai              361226
    3    cyberguile      356088
    4    colour_thief    345804
    5    gila            331746

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