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Thread in 'Strategy' started by rednefed, 31 Jul 2010.

  1. Another one of these :)

    I'm talking about the special piece at 200. Delete Even takes out every other row from the matrix, which means you can be left with one-cell high gaps and protrusions in Big Mode, leading to guaranteed death if played on.

    Here's the situation I was facing (and died on due to the Del Even):

    Current: T (Del Even)

    So, you want to make sure that when you clear the special piece, the stack has holes or blocks multiples of 4 high, contiguously. There's a solution somewhere within these pieces. I solved this situation once using save states but wasn't paying attention to how I stacked the subsequent pieces, and couldn't replicate how to do it again. So I'm looking for how to clear the special piece and leave a nice, clean stack. All that said, there are some obvious semi-solutions that leave a clean, 3 or 1-high stack, but I'm not interested in those...
  2. No solution from me but I do believe you need an odd number of line clears from the current state leading up to and including the item block activation.
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  4. Thanks, muf! I believe I inadvertently did "stack odd and clear a single". I'll give this another shot today and see if I can clean it up.
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    It really isn't all that hard if you play long enough. And there's another answer you can add to SAL's list. If you clear the entire field of any blocks (bravo) with the DEL EVEN piece you will obviously avoid any effects the special piece has. I understand why it isn't shown in the video though. ^^

    I've cleared the mode twice just by trying to keep the stack as low as possible. I haven't tried any more since clearing it a second time. I probably played a little more than 4 hours total so far. You can read more in the [TAP] Miscellaneous Challenges thread if you're interested in more details and I hope some of you post.

    Anyway good luck rednefed. You were on track for a score over 500000. The video of my first clear was very popular earlier this year on Nico Nico Douga. On Youtube the video has a little over 100 hits and on Nico Nico Dougo over 6000 views. This was only possible because someone posted a link on 2ch which turned out to be more a curse than a blessing in retrospect...
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    Keep the field low around 200,and del two single lines.
    (make sure the leftover occupies the two lines at the bottom)
    Then use pieces to cover the hole,and you get a field of 5x9(big blocks.)
    Don't touch the bottom hole,all line clears are normal now!

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