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Thread in 'Competition' started by Ai, 3 May 2009.

  1. Ai


    Oh I see. So the score you posted earlier today was also in TA? I wasn't aware there was a difference in scoring between the 2 versions. I tried playing in TA as well and got a score under 20000 too.

    My guess would be that line clear scores are multiplied with a value lower than the 6 used in TAP. Maybe someone can clear that up?
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  2. TAP Normal: 51666, 300 @ 7:57:25
    I think I should have let everything soft drop into place by gravity, but I only had enough time for one game and would get bored. No doubles, triples, or tetrises. Didn't optimize for the item pieces.
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  3. Ai


    Taking full advantage of the 2 special items is key to get a score as low as possible. My strategy is very easy, but not simple to implement.

    I clear singles until level 50-60 after which I start stacking upwards while trying not to clear anymore lines. What you need to do is to try and stack in a way so that after using the FREE FALL item, the ensuing cascade will clear most pieces from the field. Some cascade strategies can be found in the wiki I believe. Afterwards concentrate on clearing singles again until level 150-160 before you start stacking up again without clearing lines. The higher the stack the more piece will be deleted when you use the DEL EVEN item. If done correctly you will have a stack which takes about half of the field. Then comes the hardest part in which you need to try and clear singles to get the stack down until level 250-260. Thereafter start stacking up without clearing lines again until you clear the game. I'm interested in hearing about more effective strategies.

    I almost finished a game with a score of about 35000 at one time, but I failed at level 299 as I was unable to clear a last line to clear the game. That's why I put in the comments besides my current best that under 40000 is definitely possible.

    I've only played this variation of TAP Normal for about 2 hours last year. I started playing like this after I misdropped early on in one of my many TAP Normal games. ^^
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  4. Normal + Big:

    477752, 300 @ 3:26:51
  5. Very nice rednefed!
  6. Ai


    Woah look at that stack! 7 one-cell high rows. I just had to deal with 2 in my first clear and I thought that was difficult. Must have been an epic last section. Congrats!!
  7. Yeah, the randomizer was giving me a huge streak of good luck (for once). Also, it helps that since every piece pretty much clears a line, you don't have to place too many pieces to clear 200-300.
  8. Ai


    I'm attempting to acquire all gold medals in TAP Master and maybe later I'll try to do the same in T.A. Death and Master Big Block mode. So far I managed to get Gold CO, RE, SK and ST. Gold RO is rather hard and Gold AC is probably hopeless. I only managed to get a bronze medal once last weekend.

    At a later point I may create an Olympics medals table style leaderboard to keep track of everything. And it'd also be interesting to see how many medals players can get in a single game. The more gold ones the better. ^^
  9. I've had that idea before... I was trying to think of a good scoring system. For example: Gold SK worth 5 points, silver 3, etc. Some medals could be assigned greater or lesser values, but I'm not sure of a fair way to decide those values. (make RO worth more due to difficulty, or less due to impracticality?...)
  10. Ai


    Interesting! I'm glad I'm not the only one who was thinking about a medals leaderboard. But first we need players participating! Based on the difficulty to obtain the medals I would rank them like this (from hard to easy):

    AC -- RO -- SK -- CO -- ST

    Gold ST medals are easiest to get for sure. All the rest depends on the player's skills.
  11. Aww... you forgot about RE, it's fun to get!
    On a side note, is AC really difficult, or is it mostly luck based when given only one preview?

    ... We should probably move this discussion elsewhere.
  12. The latter.
  13. I've gotten SK gold, ST silver, RE bronze, and CO silver in a single game before. I never ever try for RO or AC (the latter happens only by luck). But by IRSing every O and triple-rotating a lot you can definitely score gold RO, jago does it every time.
  14. Ai


    No problem at all! And here's an updated list:

    AC -- RO -- SK -- CO -- RE -- ST

    AC, CO and RE depend on luck with the pieces. The other 3 medals are all about skill. The list I composed is for the most part based on how difficult it was for me to get the gold medals.

    AC is pretty much impossible for me now unless I play a crazy amount of time. I'm still trying to find a way to get RO. Even when practicing and starting from level 700 I've been unable to get the gold medal (I've only done it when I used the O-piece cheat ^^). SK wasn't all that hard and can be moved just before ST on my list for those who have solid stacking. To get CO and RE gold medals I needed a little more time. But both shouldn't pose too much problems if you're patient and play carefully.

    What is amazing though is to get several gold medals in one run like rednefed has done. Maybe I can get 3 gold medals at the moment. So this means at least 5 gold medals in the same run are possible for expert players. ^^


    It would also be interesting if someone starts a miscellaneous challenges thread where players can challenge a player in particular or everyone to do something Tetris related. That could lead to crazy stuff and would be fun too!
  15. Muf


    RE isn't about luck. I've made a sport of getting RE medals in every game a while back. Just stack TGM1 style in the first section and leave the siren going for a dangerously long time, and then stack down.

    In fact, most of my TAP Master records have bronze RE:





    I'm sure that a more skilled player can get silver and gold in subsequent sections. Probably even before level 500.
  16. Ai


    I understand what you're saying. Getting Silver RE isn't so diffucult, but I did have trouble getting the gold one.

    What I found annoying was the fact that it's hard to know when you have met the requirement of at least 150 blocks on the playfield. And it doesn't help that you need 2 more recoveries after getting the Silver medal. So you don't know if you have actually made that 3rd recovery until you get the gold medal.

    At first I was playing rather safely and missed to get the right amount of blocks on many occasions which forced me to stack high after level 300 (this is still difficult for me). As a result I found myself stacking very high and maybe taking unnecessary risks. At that point getting the wrong piece at the wrong time will lead to a top out as you can see in the video I posted in an earlier post. But again maybe I made it difficult for myself. And when I say luck is needed it is no way close to the amount needed for Gold AC. ^^
  17. Here's one for the medal spam challenge.
    Silver SK, CO
    Bronze RE, AC, ST
    No RO :(

    It started off as a normal game. At around level 150, I got the usual RE from stacking high. SK naturally followed. And of course ST. I wasn't bothering for RO. At level 430 I decided to do a combo, got silver easily (could have performed a 6 combo, but definitely not a 7, so I didn't bother going for six).

    Enter 20G, sometime around level 675 I somehow clear the stack way down to something like this...
    NEXT: [][][][]
    And there, a bravo.

    I died while attempting another RE medal. Don't do it in 20G, you never know when the piece generator will starve you of an I. Interestingly enough, I never landed a silver ST, probably because I was playing a "relax" game with sound off.
  18. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Damn !! it is too bad! me and jago can have the RO medal everytime, it is really not the hardest one.
    I can't believe you got the 5 others in one game.
  19. Ai


    This was a great chance to collect all medals. Gold ST is guaruanteed if you reset the leaderboards. Too bad the AC didn't happen earlier. I'll create leaderboards for the medal challenges soon. ^^
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  20. Yeah, CO, ST, SK are easy. You're guaranteed to get them before level 500 by decent play. CO needs a little stacking finesse but can easily be obtained by 300, and comes naturally for those who play Normal mode.

    RO is a mental drain on those who don't get it through normal play, but is not otherwise difficult.

    RE is reasonably easy for the first 200-300 levels, difficult to pull off through sheer skill once the gravity gets high. However, it does feel really good to get RE when you do make a true epic recovery in 20G.

    AC is pure luck.

    I'm talking about bronze medals btw, getting silver CO/ST/SK again isn't much harder, neither is silver RE by level 300, but silver AC takes a lot of luck or prescience, the silver RO plain annoying. I don't even want to think about golds without clearing the highscore list first.

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