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Thread in 'Competition' started by Ai, 3 May 2009.

  1. Ai


    This is a thread for the remaining TAP modes. Hopefully some people will give these challenges a try. Don't hesitate to make suggestions for new leaderboards you think might be interesting and/or challenging. ^^


    Only scores of cleared games will be accepted unless your score is above 200000 points. 20G MODE scores are also welcome and will be added to this leaderboard. Please do mention that the score was acquired in 20G MODE and I'll make sure to add it to the comments.

       Player      Score        Time        Grade        Comment
    1  rednefed    345085       10:51:65    S9           Combo stacking; Silver CO.
    2  cyberguile  281057       10:22:38    S9           Level 998; Silver CO.
    3  TWF         240136       08:53:85    S9
    4  Ai          226318       09:58:13    S8


    Try to get as low as possible in this challenge. Only scores from completed games under 100000 points will be accepted.

       Player         Score   Time       Comment
    1  Ai             41586   12:37:65   Under 40000 certainly possible! ^^
    2  rednefed       51666   07:57:25   First try. Only cleared singles!
    3  CrazedRevenG   56382   08:05:50



    To start NORMAL 20G MODE use the following key combination at the title screen: DDDDDDDDCBA. When the code is activated just choose NORMAL MODE in the game menu. Only completed games will be accepted.

       Player      Score    Level    Time        Comment
    1  rednefed    350735   300      03:11:36
    2  COL         326553   300      03:03:33
    3  Ai          [URL=""]312656[/URL]   300      03:20:51


    To start NORMAL BIG BLOCK MODE use the following key combination at the title screen: LLLLDCBA. When the code is activated just choose NORMAL MODE in the game menu.

       Player      Score    Level    Time        Comment
    1  Ai          [URL=""]504476[/URL]   300      03:32:36    First clear! ^^
    2  rednefed    477752   300      03:26:51    First clear!


    To start NORMAL 20G MODE use the following key combination at the title screen: DDDDDDDDCBA. When the code is activated just choose NORMAL MODE in the game menu.

       Player      Time              Score       Comment
    1  cyberguile  02:43:31          408571      Special item pieces not used!
    2  TWF         02:48:55          368292
    3  Ai          02:51:78          394761


    To start MASTER 20G BIG BLOCK MODE use the following key combinations at the title screen: LLLLDCBA and DDDDDDDDCBA. When the codes are activated just choose MASTER MODE in the game menu. See how long you can last!

       Player       Grade  Level    Time       Comment
    1  Kitaru       S8     799      --:--:--   Gold SK, ST, AC, and Bronze CO.

    TGM+ 20G MODE

    To start TGM+ 20G MODE use the following key combination at the title screen: DDDDDDDDCBA. When the code is activated just choose TGM+ MODE in the game menu.

       Player      Level        Time       Comment
    1  COL         999          [URL=""]10:16:48[/URL]
    2  Amnesia     951          09:28:86
    3  Ezzelin     439          05:41:50


    Complete TAP Master without using hard drop. Speeding up the gameplay by using soft drop is allowed.

       Player       Grade  Level    Time       Score       Comment
    1  Kitaru       Gm     999      08:34:06   247348
    2  cyberguile   S8     999      [URL=""]08:44:01[/URL]   212729


    An overview of the fastest section times. It's allowed to prepare a high stack to time attack a certain section.

    Level      Name    Class    Time        Comment
      0-100    Ai      S4       00:52:91
    100-200    Ai       2       00:52:28
    200-300    Ai       1       00:52:20
    300-400    Ai       2       00:54:73
    400-500    Ai      S5       00:55:41
    [ol]500-600    Ai      S9       00:49:75[/ol]
    600-700    Ai      S4       00:45:90
    [gl]700-800    Ai      S8       00:40:10[/gl]
    [ol]800-900    Ai      S7       00:36:40[/ol]
    [ol]900-999    Ai      S9       00:38:90[/ol]


       Player      Time              Comment
    1  Ai          00:00:00


    The aim of this challenge is to gather as many medals as possible in one game. The more medals you get the higher your rank. When players have the same amount of medals the table will be sorted by the number of gold medals. In the event of a tie in the number of gold medals, the number of silver medals is taken into consideration, and then the number of bronze medals. Medal conditions can be found on the TAP wiki page. Feel free to submit your achievements in the different modes.

       Player      [IMG][/IMG]     Comment
    1  cyberguile     --    SI    SI    GO    GO    BR        TAP Master
    2  rednefed       BR    BR    SI    BR    --    SI        TAP Master


    Obtaining gold medals is the main attraction in this ranking. Total number of medals collected doesn't matter. Post about your achievements in all your TAP games so far.

       Player      [IMG][/IMG]     Comment
    1  cyberguile     [URL=""]BR[/URL]    GO    GO    GO    GO    SI        TAP Master
    2  rednefed       BR    GO    GO    GO    BR    GO        TAP Master
    3  Ai             BR    GO    [URL=""]GO[/URL]    [URL=""]GO[/URL]    --    [URL=""]GO[/URL]        TAP Master

    The only remaining official challenge without a leaderboard is NORMAL 20G BIG BLOCK MODE which will be added when someone submits a record. ^^
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  2. Ai


    Improved my Normal Big Mode record. Almost managed to get to the credits. I was initially saved from certain death by the Del Even piece, but in the end it was the cause of my downfall.
  3. Ai


    I'm on a Tetris break at the moment, but I still play from time to time. I made up a silly challenge again. How low can you score in TAP Normal? I played a few games and was close to getting under 40000.

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  4. Ai



    So far no success getting over 300k.
  5. Normal + 20G: 300 @ 3:08:80, 308792 points, screencap on request
  6. Ai


    You also got over 300000 when I created this thread. But at the time you didn't post. Thanks for your participation! ^^
  7. Edo

    Edo a.k.a. FSY

    For the 20G Normal mode, would it be better to go for lots of tetrises and fast time attack for the biggest bonus at the end, or would slowing down to get long combos get a higher score?
  8. I suppose it could be mathematically proven, though no one has done so. My guess is that long combos are always worth it. Though it could be that for the first x levels it's better to focus on raw speed. Because level is a variable that affects the points awarded, it's definitely best to combo towards the end.
  9. I played the game exactly as I would 20G master mode. No real trying to combo. It's definitely not worth comboing in the beginning imo.
  10. Ai


    Comboing definitely helps, but it's very difficult to do in 20G and it feels less effective than when playing 0G. Or at least it isn't easy for me since my skills and combo stacking are limited in 20G.

    From experience I can say that early on there's little reason to combo as it doesnt have a big effect on the score. Unless you can do at least 4-step combos and get bronze CO. Later you can score big with smaller combos.

    I played the same way as rednefed until very recently. My current strategy however consists of speed stacking for tetrises till level 200 and comboing afterwards. In my case when speed stacking for tetrises I end up with a score around 250000 most of the time. While comboing results in far more failed runs, I manage to get around 270000 a few times every session I play.
  11. Normal + 20G:
    340991 score
    300 @ 3:23:96

    Strategy: combo! Pyramid stack with priority to the left. With columns 1-5 high, mobility's virtually identical to 0G. Keep column 9 medium to low, column 8 about 8-12 high in case you need to skim or the randomizer starves you. Oh, and as usual with Normal or Easy, luck of the draw.


    I wasted close to 7 seconds at 299 waiting for an I to finish with a tetris. A single is worth a couple thousand points, so the wait was worth losing out some time bonus.
  12. Ai


  13. Ai


  14. I can't believe nobody else has commented... Very nice work there Ai! I especially like that you managed to push through and achieve something difficult even though you had no competition.

    Since bravos can be much more common, I wonder how high people could get in this mode. The score counter maxes out at 999,999.
  15. Ai


    Thanks for your comment on youtube colour_thief. I replied to it, but for some reason the comments I post aren't shown anymore. This happened after I deleted a comment I posted a few minutes before... So I'll just post what I had to say over here.

    Seeing as this isn't really a popular mode I'd say not too many people cleared it yet. It isnt all that hard for skilled and motivated players though. The only tricky part is the last section which requires a good deal of luck, because of the DEL EVEN item. Using it makes the stack very difficult to work with and not using it isn't really an option. In this case the stack was low when I used the special item. I messed up early on by clearing semi-lines that I could have easily avoided. Still I somehow managed to hold on till the end.

    I played this mode between 3 and 4 hours since I created this thread in May. So easily more than 100 games. Completion was yesterday achieved after about 25 minutes of play. I'd say a lot of players could reach the end with the necessary determination and persistence. I could use some competition as I would otherwise stop playing this mode, especially since the score was over 500000. Anyone up for the 20G version of this mode? ^^


    Commenting problems on Youtube are fixed now... ^^'
  16. didn't see this topic.
    well, AI, very impressive video.
    The second special tetromino makes it horribly difficult (like in tgm1 big mode), I will give it a try as soon as tomorrow afternoon !
  17. Ai



    I cleared TAP Normal Big Block mode again after playing a 20 minute session. Though the score is nowhere near what I did a while ago. ^^
  18. [​IMG]

    At first I thought "Hah, this'll be easy! All I have to do is just clear nothing but singles!"

    But then I remembered the bonus upon finishing Normal. And I accidentally got 2 Tetrises.

    I will keep trying.
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  19. Ai


    Nice to see someone else play this. Your score would have been very close to mine if you played slower to avoid getting the bonus score. Of course I can calculate the bonus score and substract it from the total score and use that for the leaderboard. I'm not sure I'll allow that, but I'll think about it.
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  20. [​IMG]

    Do I have to play on TAP? I really don't want to do this again.

    Never mind. It seems like that scoring on TAP Normal is much more fluctuated compared to TGM2 Normal. I'll do this again on TAP.


    I think this would've been closer to 40k had I not accidentally cleared a triple nearing 300. I panicked.
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