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Thread in 'Competition' started by Amnesia, 29 Mar 2007.

  1. Clooooser...

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  2. Technically not a PB but goddamn!

    It's Personally my Best game
    M @ 8:15:40
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  3. [​IMG]
    S8 @ 999. next stop, S9.
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  4. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    I have updated the template of the leaderboard. I am a bit lazy to indicate every setting for every players, feel free to remind it whenever you want and I will update. A list of more than 1 person is even better for me. Maybe that mentioning the setting would be already enough for the top 30 or 40 players.
  5. Muf


    A method for deducing what frame rate records were played at could be as follows:

    - colour_thief, myself, Jago, and a few others play exclusively on PCB. Those can be assumed 62hz.
    - A few of the above use Datapath capture cards that produce images/videos that are virtually indistinguishable from MAME, so keep that in mind when considering the following:
    - Any MAME record (pixel perfect screenshot) from before January 2015 was played at 60hz.
    - Photos from arcade cabinets can generally be assumed to be from PCB at 62Hz (especially if at a game centre). Very few people, like Ex_Mosquito, use MAME on their arcade cabinet.
  6. Oh, so I guess I never posted this picture here.


    This was during CTEC 2016 (May 20th) on an arcade cabinet (real pcb)

    For future reference: I play on pcb at home and use a datapath card.
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  7. for future reference
  8. Muf


    Only counts if you also post your speed percentage at the top right when you press F11. Reason for this is having "refreshspeed" set to 1 in the ini will cause the game to run at 97% speed even with the new MAME.
  9. upload_2017-1-24_22-17-1.png
  10. Is there a way to automatically show the refresh speed without having to press F11?
    It would be quite annoying to not be able to post a PB just because you forgot to activate it before.
  11. Muf


    Nah, I just meant one time to show your config. We work with the honour system, so if you've shown that your MAME is correctly configured we can mark your records as 62Hz from that point on.
  12. Whoa! Just checked mine & realized I was still running on 60hz. I think I still had Windows XP running when I originally installed it, so I was stuck with a 32 bit version. I have the new 64 bit version up & running now with the appropriate settings.
  13. FeV


    No M-roll practice before. So, unsurprising floundering in the roll. But it's a general time attack PB as well as real PB!
    And as the usual thing goes I have a video of this crap despite never recording my best death runs :hmm:

  14. FeV


    Well this is tragic. Just watch the end of this run to see what I mean... probably 58 or 59 seconds in the roll, even though I should have had it in the bag.

    I swear I will get GM someday. Hopefully tomorrow.

    Edit: Embedding twitch vods is broken? The new URL format seems to confuse TC.
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  15. M. Finally.

    Thanks to Amnesia for bringing up the 62 vs 60 Hz issue - before that I was playing on what was apparently a really slow version of mame that had too much lag for me to keep up at the end of the game. Upgrading mame finally gave me enough control in S9 to get to M.

    I suck at the roll, though.

    (shmupmametgm 62Hz & keyboard)

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  16. [​IMG]

    this beat my best OL S9 time, but not my fastest ever (GL S7 8:42). this was the best game i've had in about 4 years. you'd think i'd be capable of getting two tetrises after hitting S8! problem is i tend to hit S8 around level 930-950 these days and that's not a lot of room for error...
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  17. Jii



    Yeah finally faster M time.
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  18. FeV


    Orange line GM @ 8:20:68. Exactly 32 lines in the invisible credit roll. Played on 61.68fps MAME + keyboard.

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  19. FeV


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  20. FeV


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