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Thread in 'Competition' started by Amnesia, 29 Mar 2007.

  1. [​IMG]
    At Victory Pointe. Kan and Koo have scores on this board from before it was imported so I didn't even make the gm list.
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  2. CPN



    I've only been seriously playing for a few weeks, but I thought I'd submit a score to pressure myself forward. Does this board care about the speed difference between some MAME versions? I'm running Shmupmame 4.2 at 60 hz and I'd imagine most of the emulated scores posted were done at the same speed....
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  3. Apparently considering the hell MAME/shmupmame players are going through with input lag it kind of evens out.

    In any case, the difference is not taken into account. Post away, and nice score!
  4. [​IMG]

    (TAP Master M at 8:41:28!)


    Note: Done with MAME so 2.75% slowdown "speed bug" applies.

    I did it! With stick too, which is surprising because I knew I was close on keyboard, had no idea my first M would actually be with my stick! I knew it was a pretty good run, and I was actually able to recover from my mistakes for once, but going into the last section I had no idea whether I was on track for time or rank...I knew I had to play fast but at the same time knew that I had to probably stack clean to get more grade points as well...well, in the end I finished 3.72 seconds under the time requirement and hit S9 on my second to last line clear. :p Talk about cutting it close!

    All this master mode practice has definitely helped my stacking become cleaner; I have less of that syndrome where I don't know what to do with a piece and just put it sticking up in the center by default (though I still tend to use that when my brain can't keep up).

    Death GM, you're next!
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  5. K


    i just noticed afterward that i forgot to push the video "rec" button... actually there is a video but i wasn't aware it was recording.. it's even worst (i need some rest)
    Unsatisfied with the whole game anyway.. i was just barking "what the fuck this crappy game resulting in an orange GM" :((
    it don't deserve top three.... really
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  6. K


  7. Amazing performance.

    I'd love to know what you are using to read data from the pcb on the fly to get your splits. I think it could be useful information to help me analyze my own games in a way and give me pointers on what to improve if I had that.
  8. [​IMG]

    Could have gotten GM but I didn't want to skip grades (my PB was a S4) so I killed myself at S5. :rolleyes:

    Edit: Closed MAME too early so my score didn't get saved :'(
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  9. K


    Actually you can't use this system if you play on the original JAMMA board until you have a pixel perfect capture card like the one Muf and I use : datapath VisionRGB.
    This system "could" be used on mame but you better use cheat code to read the memory..
  10. Nice, I got my visionrgb-e2s delivered yesterday. Could you explain the process?
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  11. Almost made it to 999


    Edit: A little faster:

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  12. Yeah, the speed change can be brutal. Nice job!
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  13. [​IMG]

    S2 @ 08:41:43

    This is slower than my current time by just a few seconds.. but this was done on a real pcb and 61.68 fps and this time I have a video so I'd prefer to have it updated even if it's just a little bit slower.
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  14. Oh man I laughed so hard at the L block at level 38 :D

    It would have worked :p

    Really nice (and entertaining) game, congrats on the PCB PB!
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  15. My first S9, as far as I can remember

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  17. [​IMG]

    GM @ 8:17:18

    A few complications and post-game emotion almost fooled me into thinking I didn't have any proof of this :oops:

    I still want to try to get a replay up, but I'm running into de-sync issues (possibly because I recently started to switch the screen refresh rate to 61.6 when playing). Just in case anyone has any free time to try to get it to work as well, here are the relevant files:

    (Played using TGM shmupmame 0.137)

    EDIT: After celebrating for a bit I got the replay to work! I found out that a desyncs occurred immediately after the screen refresh rate was modified. I modified MAME to output some frame data and just stepped frame-by-frame recreating my inputs to change the refresh rate and voila!
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  19. WOW, amazing results all around! Good job, guys, GM and counterstop are pretty huge milestones!

    I'll get to watching the video before flying off, hopefully :)
  20. [​IMG]
    This weekend is Victory Pointe's grand opening. I went down for a couple of hours before work and dropped this score to get a free milkshake. And then I got my first Crazy in Crazy Taxi. And for good measure I bopped the owner in Windjammers before I left.
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