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Thread in 'Competition' started by Amnesia, 29 Mar 2007.

  1. I'm a little confused... Are you calling all people who like Death mode idiots??
  2. [​IMG]

    I've haven't really played the past few weeks, so I shocked myself when I sat down this afternoon and recorded my first TAP master mode clear [​IMG]

    I feel motivated to practise more and improve again, yay! [​IMG]
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  4. Ah, now I understand completely! Yes, people should absolutely play whatever they find fun. I think for most people, they enjoy the intensity of Death and the competition is just some extra fun on top of that.

    Some days I just want to relax, so I play TGM+ or one-handed. Grr... I've reached 998 in TGM+ but never completed it. Has anyone yet finished it?

  5. First try, got this:

    Not that hard, actually, just need to do only tetrises and a couple of combos.

    I'm pretty sure S2 is possible with a lot of luck (if you manage to do some combos that contain two tetrises and/or a bravo)
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    After failing so many times, I finally managed to do it! Please add me to the ranking list, even if I won't be very high. I'm motivated to improve though!

  7. Improvement, yay!


    Shame it was slower than my S6 [​IMG]

    inp to follow
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    Tu es bien mignon cyberguile..

    Are you sure you was in 20G mode??

    I talk about reaching grad 1 at 200 but with the 20G code!!
  9. Bah, euh:


    Chronomtre en blanc, rank en rouge = 20G ? je crois pas nan ?

    De toute faon, la technique pour faire un max de point est simple: quand tu vois que la pice suivante est une barre, tu fais des lignes, comme a le tetris qui suit rapporte beaucoup plus de point (faut juste pas locker toutes les pices comme un pileptique sans regarder la suivante)
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  11. Yes !


    First time I did the first section in 1min05

    But hell, that's STRESSING
  12. Not a proper new record for me... 999 in 8:55, though only S8 because I messed up near the end. I think I broke 500 under 5 minutes for the first time though.
  13. Damn I need to pull of a miracle to pass level 900 alive. Not before I reach 999, I am willing to put my record here.
  14. Do you mean 8:55? [​IMG]
  15. Err, oups. I've still got to get used to seeing that 8. [​IMG]
  16. Just got another personal best time... 8:53. Unfortunately it was another S8. Getting close though!
  17. Amnesia

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    I don't know how close Heboris is to TAP, but I just pulled off this: 
    I'm not sure to understand..

    You did that kotetsu??
  18. Yet another record S8 for me: 999 @ 8:48. I played really well, but again messed up the final section. [​IMG] I feel strongly it would have been M otherwise.
  19. K


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