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Thread in 'Competition' started by Amnesia, 29 Mar 2007.

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    Hey what's wrong with your fingers? They seem to be all up in my grill when they could be better placed...CRAMMED UP YOUR BUTTOCKS! BIZNATCH!
  2. Muf



    Kanstacking means Silver SK (awarded at lvl400)
    777stacking means Bronze RE

    Still not enough tetrises for S5 though.
  3. Agh. Ray.

  4. Just found this:
    Apparently four days old? I guess I forgot I took the screen. \(_o)/

    Also, my best clear time is a S7 or S8 8:42:xx.
  5. Ai


    Sorry about not updating the leaderboards yesterday Kitaru. I really thought you of all people would mention that it's an Orange Line. But I should have know it's an OL because you reported a 8:46:63 GL not long ago.

    Anyway congrats and nice progress muf and Ray Ayanami! There was no need to delete that post muf. Double posting was more than excused in that case! ^^
  6. Sorry about that, haha. I figured since it was 1st in my GrandMaster ranking other people would see that and realize it beat my previous S9 best.
  7. People delete their records or play on multiple machines, which complicates things.
  8. Ai


    I overlooked that. Even if I noticed I wouldn't have been completely sure. Some players don't keep their Grandmaster Ranking updated and prefer to start with a clean sheet every game.

    But in this case it should have been pretty obvious that it was a better performance. Probably got a little confused due to the fact that it was from a few days ago and seemingly not worthy of submitting immediately. Not that it's important but should I change the date to 11/24/09 or to whatever day you played the game on? ^^


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  9. Ahh, yeah, true, I forget about people clearing NVRAM sometimes. Again, sorry about all that. :p

    Ai: Re: Date change in the leaderboard -- sure, sounds good. :V
  10. COL




    ... hasn't been useful because at >700 speed I cannot play consistently and well enough, my 900 stack was completely mssed up and I even died!!
  11. COL


  12. Ai


    Your 20G play is very good from what I've seen in the past. And both your TGM and TAP Master 20G records are great. Obtaining Gold SK twice in short succession just shows that you're getting seriously good at this. Good luck with Death M! ^^
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  14. I can't get S9 -- in games where I've picked up all the other requirements, at least. That would tie everything together. I've been one or two tetrises short several times this night. Hell, I got Gold SK for the first time tonight and I screwed up my stack with enough room to get the last tetris off of once!

    Current record clear time is 8:33.
  15. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Please please please kitaru, at least, do it before him.
  16. K


    good job kevin !

    and congratulation to you amnesia, i'm so proud you finally did it !
  17. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Hein ?? Qu'est ce que j'ai fait ??o_O
    T'as vu que j'ai fait GM quelque part ?
    Cela dit j'ai atteind le M ROLL pour la premire fois en ARS hier au clavier, avec une bonne douzaine de ligne..:rolleyes:
    My brain just straight up turned _off_ once I got to the roll. I am extremely embarrassed by my credit roll performance.

    This is good! Very good! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! Hopefully I can repeat this soon... and hopefully go a little better next time.
  19. [​IMG]
    Another swing and a miss, but new record nonetheless.

    Third time is the charm...?
  20. Ai


    Congratulations! Simply outstanding to get M twice in short succession and clearly you were hoping for/expecting Gm already. Very composed reaction. You sound almost more disappointed by the fact that it wasn't Gm, than you are happy about getting M. And I suppose we'll get a video of a Gm run soon. ^^

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