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Thread in 'Competition' started by Amnesia, 29 Mar 2007.

  1. Ai


    Congrats KevindDDR and an ass. Only saw your S8 when I was updating the leaderboard.


    What I'm interested in is your 20G play. And since you've been getting Gold SK for a while now it can't be bad. Just take your time. ^^
  2. fuck you kevin fuuck yoou
  3. OH MAN that was blazing
    mediocre grade, but I was hyped to get to the end in under 9 minutes.

    took most of the ST's on this computer:
  4. Who will get to the M-Roll GM rank first? The one who plays Death like nobody's business, or the one who holds like nobody's business?
  5. okaaaaay
    one more M-game with all the requirements except for one
    lost at 998.
    man, I hate this game...
  6. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Don't be superstitious. Do keep in mind that it will be broken real soon. XXXXXXXXX

    I don't think it is a good idea, I don't know how the pedophil trackers work on the net, if I were them I would try to search some expressions such this one.
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  8. COL


    under 10!!
    (that isn't related to TWF previous post or Amnesia's one)
  9. So, my last record was more than one year ago (07/27/0B). I took a leave of Master since October '08 to focus on Death.

    It seems my effort paid off:


    32--PetitPrince------------S8 - 999 @ 11:00:81 - 10/21/09

    It's still slow (heck, I'm the only one in the S8 range wiith a time over 11 minutes !), but at least I know where to improve: I massively failed the two last sections (800-999) with tons of hole and a survival strategy rather than a building one. For some reason I wasn't comfortable with the speed since 800, yet it is very similar to Death 200 which is totally ok for me. And of course, 900 is still very difficult for me (it is worse than Death 300 after all).
  10. Ai



    Last time I played I had the exact same problem. I think I know why this happens in my case. Nearing the end I tend to slow down to stack cleaner, but instead the stack becomes one big mess.

    It's funny how not so long ago I told people to slow down to stack cleaner, but now I can't stack properly if I'm not aggressive anymore. Especially in the last 2 sections. If I don't push myself or stop manual locking I end up making a lot more errors than usual caused by bad timing. Chances of reaching the end are still higher when playing carefully though.

    One last push for S9! ^^
  11. Ai: If S9 comes to you anything like it came to me the first time, it will be a total fluke - you'll happen to build enough tetrises in the last two sections to reach it. The grade is still fluky for me, I have only gotten it three times now.
  12. death 300 has half the are of master 900
  13. Ai


    Maybe I'll give it a try this weekend. But I don't think I can do better than S8 at the moment unless I'm very lucky. Doesn't happen often unfortunately. Well, still have over 2 months to do it. Some other modes have a higher priority right now. ^^
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  14. Man, this invisible mode is so beautiful I did cry because of the emotion:


  15. Edo

    Edo a.k.a. FSY

    Ohohoho!! Congrats cyberguile!!!! You really earned this one!

    Is there any chance of a youtube video soon, or did you not record it? I don't think I've ever seen you playing and it would be really interesting to see your style. :)

    btw, I've got a file that you might find useful for training the m-roll. I'll send you a pm in a moment.
  16. I have two major regrets on this one:
    -I played without the sound
    -I didn't record it since I was coming back from a five days holiday without tetris and thought "hmm, let's play a little game before going out" and BAM invisible mode O_O
  17. Ai


    Congrats cyberguile. I can understand the overflowing emotions after being so close on so many occasions. That last section was a close one too. Now you can fully concentrate on getting Death M. And good luck with invisible mode practice! ^^

    I'm curious whether Rosti LFC and Edo will be able to do it before the end of the year as well. Especially you Edo. It's a shame to not be M with a time like that. ^^
  18. I'd be pretty happy if I manage to get death mode M rank before the end of the year: would be the firts time in my life I woud have achieved all my new year's eve resolution (TGM sub 12 minutes, TAP master and death M rank)
  19. Playing while recording myself makes me nervous =X

    Maybe when I get close to M, I could get Kitaru to secretly set up MAME such that it'll record without my knowledge. XD
  20. Muf


    PROTIP: Always record. Use a batch file or something, just always record your games. After a couple of sessions you completely forget you're recording. I do this with Ti, always pop in a freshly formatted DVD-RW in the DVD recorder when I start to play. I even find that now that I'm so used to it, it drives me to improve my games to make less mistakes and make fancier moves, cause it'll look good on tape.

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