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Thread in 'Competition' started by Amnesia, 29 Mar 2007.

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    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    I am practicing massively kevinholding in 20G G4 SRS, in a much more elegant, accurate and finess way ofcourse, sometime on 10 tetriminos I hold 7 or 8 times to attempt a really perfect and optimal stacking, before level 500.. and recently I have been able to get only M and MK rank at 999, except the games I drop ofcourse..
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  3. I find it hilarious how this word has become such an integral part of our tetris jargon
  4. I'd kevhold, but hours of TAPping and attending the same college as Kitaru has made me forget what a hold button is. ;)

    oh wait kitaru uses CLASSIC3 in Phantom Mania. :(
  5. [​IMG]

    -S9 again
    -S9 at ~950 is pretty early!
    -Gold SK again B)

    -god damn look at that game time
    -played on keyboard
    -no game completion :C
  6. Ai


    Congrats Billmaan. Did you survive the credit roll?


    I only got Silver SK once. I'm far too inconsistent in my stacking for tetrises after level 300. Good job!


    I assumed that you have a Green Line for the time being. ^^
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  7. Just an update - Been using arcade controls a bit more:

    The beginning of the game wasn't so good, fixed the stack and got bronze SK around 450.

    Side note: Grats to the S9 runs above!
  8. Ai


    It's S9 week! Congrats and nice jump on the leaderboard. Maybe we'll have another GM in the not so distant future? ^^
  9. Nobody mentioned it, but the world record was recently improved. Jin8's 7:34:75 was overtaken by ANN's 7:27:43. I have updated the first post appropriately.
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    Go get that Gm Kitaru! It'll be a historic moment when someone gets Gm who learned invisible skills first, and then improved his speed to Gm material instead of the other way around. I expect your first Gm to be within 10 M games, although of course you get bonus points for going straight from S9 to Gm :biggrin:
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  12. [​IMG]

    green line~

    edit: it's about time I got this too, I've been stuck at S7 for like 3 months now
  13. Oh my god I just get slower and slower and slower...


    Orange Line pulls me ahead of Kevin :>
  14. Ai


    Congrats entering the top 15.

    Time's not bad at all. If you have any inp files or videos of your TAP Master performances please do share. Or maybe a Texmaster save file. I want to see how you play. ^^
  15. Fuck you Zach!!

    I guess I have to be content with my 9:02 S8 for now...
  16. [​IMG]

  17. SHIT that is an incredible improvement.
    Now I want sub-9:00 :G

    Ai: I don't usually record .inps of my games, and I only use Texmaster for Special/Sudden Ti. Once I'm a bit more consistent about hitting 999, I'll start making some recordings.

    You don't really want to see my playstyle :p It's pretty mediocre at the moment.

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