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Thread in 'Competition' started by Amnesia, 29 Mar 2007.

  1. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    EDIT : JVAIS T TUER !!!!!!
  2. [​IMG]
  3. common man, don't be so cruel !


    at least one potential m-game a day, I'm starting to get depressive LOL
  4. Hurrah! I hit S1.
      53--Budster-----------------1 - 799 @ 08:09:01 - 08/29/09 - Keyboard
    Big jump from highest level being ~650 to almost 800. o_o

    I was working on getting better with arcade controls, but I'm just so much faster with the keyboard!

    Edit: Odd, MAME decided not to save my section time or grandmaster rankings...
    Also: Video if anybody feels like watching it.
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  5. What's Masterranking time? I noticed you put that time in instead of the total time which stopped at 09:20:15.
  6. It's the time at which you got whatever grade you did.
  7. I'm too busy with Death. :X
  8. Personally I think mastering level would be really useful as well - Mihara if you're reading this you know what to do B)
  9. Not a new record, however:
    With arcade controls. That's not too bad for just starting, right?
  10. For sure, arcade controls feel the most different below 20G.
  11. COL


    I did this 3 months ago and i just found it in my snapshot directory ... (image removed)

    edit: its a 20g performance(otherwise i would have taken a screenshot with my name)
  12. COL


    Here's a more useful post:
    performed today.
  13. 1st dan.

  14. Oh no you beat my timeeeee....
  15. And again! (With Kitaru watching, no less.)


    If I hadn't idiotically placed an O right where the next piece would spawn, maybe I could've gotten to the scary music.
  16. Ai


    S6/7 in TGM should be possible. All you have to do now is practice 20G until you can survive over 500 levels. When that happens you will be able to get to the end in TGM and get the highest grade over there.

    To reach the end in TAP you will need to be somewhat comfortable with level 300 Death speed. I would suggest intensive Death training as it will make TGM 20G feel easier.

    Need more people with the GM grade in TGM by the end of the year. Maybe Budster, merpy and a few others could get it besides you. I know jujube is GM for a very long time now. He just didn't bother posting. Meroigo can get it any time. So 50 TGM GMs is definitely doable. ^^
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  17. gaaaaah I was so, so close to getting S8 :(
  18. So I decided to do some 700-999 practice tonight, via NullpoMino.

    Managed to get in a run where I have the most beautiful stack in the world, and then...I'll let this video speak for itself.
  19. Muf


    Why the hell did you lay that I piece flat anyway? Should've gone for the tetris!
  20. Hm, maybe because it's impossible to get a tetris in that situation? o_O
    The T before was bit shitty ;)

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