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Thread in 'Competition' started by Amnesia, 29 Mar 2007.

  1. Yeah. I can just boot up my TAP PCB and see your Master PB :V
    Though there are also other ways to spot a PCB score from your screenshots without even needing that info. :D
  2. My record was set on 61hz mame
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  3. Muf


    99% of my games have been on PCB since owning TAP, including my current PBs. I think the only exception was one year I accidentally set a Death PB on MAME during a Carnival, but that PB has since been superseded (and it was at the right frame rate anyway iirc).
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  4. my pb is on a newer mame which runs at correct speed
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  5. ei


    My record on the leaderboards currently is on the old MAME, but I apparently got this PB last year and neglected to post it so uh here ya go (July 31st 2018 and on new MAME, natch)


    (M @ 8:28:03)
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  6. Had this video for a year now ( 27/04/2018 ), forgot to formally post it. Done in MAME.
    TAP Master Mode - Orange S9 @ 8:59:53
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  7. My current PB is on 60 Hz MAME.
  8. First time 999

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  9. 0073.png 0074.png
    Hmpf. Tracking M-Roll conditions might be a good idea for the future.
    I'm pretty sure I messed up one or two section tetrises, but I can't remember where.
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  10. My TAP results are all on MAME @ 61.681173Hz

    Also, improvement on orange S8 from me (11:58:65) :
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  11. [​IMG]

    went to SGDQ2019 to run dead rising and got this on the machine they had there the day after, my first time clearing the game
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  12. 0076.png
    M. F I N A L L Y.

    Now onto the M-Roll which I suck at. For now.
  13. first S9! this was on shmupmametgm

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