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Thread in 'Competition' started by Amnesia, 29 Mar 2007.

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    Slow, but at least I finally got an orange S9!
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    Time PB by a ton! And I totally wasn't expecting an S9 out of this. Such a shame I had to blow it in the credits...
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    Got back into TGM after a long break, and nearly got a clear! I'm still pretty bad at 900's, but I entered with a nearly empty board.
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  5. Still no orange line (although ironically I finished the fading roll in Texmaster the day before this) but a 20 second time improvement. Got my sights set on M or GM in 2018.

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  6. No sooner do I say "still no orange line" than I get an orange line... My times have been remarkably consistent this week.

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  7. Rinse and repeat. New time PB, complete fail at the roll.

    M in 8:11:51

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  8. Hello everyone, it's been a while since I last played TGM on a regular basis. Here's what I did yesterday, which is I believe my PB with an actual Arcade stick. First time I record a 999 on video tho, I was pretty happy with that. I'll try to beat my keyboard PB soon.

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  9. Not my best grade but definitely my fastest clear.
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