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Thread in 'Competition' started by Amnesia, 29 Mar 2007.

  1. That felt so sloppy I can't believe it ended up being a PB

    GM @ 8:15:38
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  2. 7:57:78 Orange GM :)
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  3. I've made a few minor speed improvements, but I really don't know how to improve at the roll to get to GM. A fading roll I can do reasonably well, but the full invisible version...clearing more than a line or two is just luck for me.

    8:21:38 M

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  4. Oh my god WHAT!!!!

    M in 8:33:11 !!!!!!!

    This was completely unexpected. I'm so happy...
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  5. ***************LEADERBOARD UPDATED***************
    As always, let me know if I missed anything, made any mistakes, have more than one score per user, etc.

    @Xaphiosis, I put your S6 (without a clear) on instead of your S5 with a clear (higher grade takes priority)

    Many congratulations are in order:

    Huge congrats to @eskatre and @FeV for being the first GM's of the post-GDQ generation.

    Congrats to @MaryHadALittle for making it to orange line GM! I hope you're enjoying that PCB.

    Shoutout to @Qlex for the Sub-8 orange line GM!

    @Novomancy @Jii @mushroom congratulations on making it to M.
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  6. Thanks for the update!
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  7. s9@ 9:19:90

    I had JUST wiped my TAP board so I could see my ST's. Took me almost 9 months to beat my previous best and there was so much room for improvement still.
  8. Uhh... decided to waste some time to play TAP Master using my SNES D-pad clone (which I normally use to bash my head against death mode), and suddenly, this:
    S8 @ 13:16.81 (total wipe-out on fading roll)

    I have no idea why I'm doing so poorly with the arcade stick (never exceeded S6, and so many misdrops). Maybe it's time for a tune-up, or a better mount or something :/
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  9. S9 @ 8:47:46. This is going to be like death M all over again...
  10. Are you sure your stick is set to 4-way?
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  11. Definitely 4-way. You can see my hacked-together setup here (zoom in to see gate): [​IMG]

    I discussed the matter with @JBroms; he suggested that getting used to the sonic drop movement takes time. My stick has an idle wobble of around 3mm each way on the horizontal axis, but I have no way to know if that's fine. Buttons are OK. Problem could be between seat and controller, or my claw-like between-middle-and-ring-finger grip. That or I have an super-dexterous thumb which is inflating my D-pad scores.
  12. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Don't worry, I know how you feel.
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  13. S7@10:20:66
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  14. [​IMG]
    S6 in 08:51:63

    I should be happy about finally getting a PB, but still...
    I was so close to clearing this thing! ._.

    On MAME with correct framerate:
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  15. Muf


    I believe you, don't worry; but technically that screenshot proves nothing as the today ranking is cleared.
  16. Yeah, I remembered I should have done it only after closing MAME. :/
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  17. Very slow for me, but hey, it's an orange S9.

    Also, how do I know if my MAME runs at the proper framerate or not?

    EDIT: Turns out it was 60. Oops. Got it working at the proper framerate now, guess I'm just gonna have to beat this!

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  18. 0009.png
    I entered 900s with a low and clean stack, so if I hadn't choked that terribly this could've probably been a clear. But whatever, I think I raised my level PB by about 300lvls today, so I'm happy with that ^^. I'll post a valid proof (score on today's ranking) of 61.weird hz when I clear (or in other words, as soon as it could potentially become relevant).
  19. time attack PB, orange S9 in 7:58:76 (missed 700s tetris)

  20. upload_2017-9-25_14-54-12.png

    Still slow, still no orange S9, but a PB nontheless.
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