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Thread in 'Strategy' started by K, 22 Oct 2007.

  1. K


    this morning ct, showed me this wiki update about the grade recognition system implementation.

    i'm not here to explain what people wrote on the wiki but maybe it could be useful to sort out important information for players who focus on "how to get a better grade" once they pass level 500 in master mode (assuming grade 1 is earned) :


    - From 500 to 750, alterning tetris and double is more efficient on internal grade system reward than only tetris. (combo not necessary if faster enough).

    - From 750, Tetris should be the only focus.

    - From S7 and level 750, 2 tetris automatically reward you S8.

    - From S8 and level 750, 2 tetris automatically reward you S9.

    now i know how to do for getting S9 [​IMG]

    edit: corrected S9 condition and table rounded value.

  2. Are you telling me I only need to do 3 tetrises in the last section to get S9 ?

    Seems easy but feels impossible [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  3. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    I will think about it..

    I am strongly desagree with that.. [​IMG]
  4. K


    hmmm, you may be right then, ct, am i misinterpretating the internal grade correspondance with S8 and S9 ?
  5. Edo

    Edo a.k.a. FSY

    Jago, if your internal grade is 29 (SB), and you clear a tetris, you'll go up to internal grade 30, which is still S8. It takes 2 tetrises to go from S8 to S9.

    Another couple of things that I should clarify in case it's not explicitly clear on the wiki:

    When increasing internal grade, all grade points in excess of 100 are wasted, so if you're at 99 and you clear a tetris (which from level 750 onwards is worth 120), all but 1 of those points are lost, as your grade points are reset to zero.

    In the formula:

    Awarded Grade Points = Basic Amount x Combo Multiplier x Level Multiplier

    (Basic Amount x Combo Multiplier) is rounded up before applying the Level Multiplier. There should be no decimals.

    Hope this helps.
  6. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    I prefer.. [​IMG]

    VERY VERY VERY good notice.. [​IMG]
    That explains why sometimes I have the feeling to do a powerfull game with a lot of Tetris, but the lack of chance which make me lose a lot of internal point..

    Maybe some player are able to count the internal point? During the game.. [​IMG]
  7. K


    Thanks for the confirmation. so i've simply misinterpreted the previous explanation and table reading.

    Yeah i'm ok with this rule. It's why i explain that within 500>750, it is better to alternate Tetris and Double (potentialy 80 points lost by 2 followed Tetris !!!)

    I've updated about the rounding value but slight change don't influence much.

    Make me remind about Kan's video performance in TGM3. No medals and no Tetris (if i remember well) but got earn Master M. We can deduce that the grading system in TGM3 may be something based on TAP.
  8. So if I understand well:

    Try to reach level 1 before 500 by doing as many tetrises and/or combos that start with a tetris.

    Between 500 and 750, try to do as many tetris>double combos as possible.

    After 750, survive by doing only tetrises till S9.
  9. K


    on sub 500 i never pay attention to "combo". And it makes sense since it waste much time by inducing more ARE. i prefer concentrate on the time attack placement.

    and over 750, surviving by doing only tetris is an very hard approach... just have to know that 4 tetris from level S7 will garanty you the S9, but you still can get it differently with double or triple... in any case avoiding Single should be a better approach for average joe.
  10. I would like to remind people that tetris>double and double>tetris may be better for the internal grade system, but they are weaker for time attack. In my opinion, it is not worth it. It's like telling people playing Death to milk the lock delay reset by slowly stepping down staircases... It is a completely useless skill in the end, and simply focusing your learning on better play will yield better results.

    If you stack clean and fast, you should get enough tetrises >750 to hit S9 no problem.

  11. Surely the best strategy is just to continually go for Tetrises anyway?

    I'll stack when I've just cleared a rank, so that I don't lose any grade points due to the decay, but I still think that just going for Tetrises is a better strategy because it requires less adaptation.

    Then again, the fact that a Tetris and then a successive double when 500~750 always increase the grade rank could be helpful with picking when to stack higher to avoid decay.
  12. After reading all this stuff, I watched this video again:


    He does almost not a single tetris between 500 and 750, many many double and triples and the grade seems to grow up ultra fastly (seemingly faster than if you do only tetrises which I tried a couple of times)

    Then, from ~730, you really feel that he re-starts playing and building for tetrises.
  13. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    That seems very interesting..But..That will be hard to think about that and try to join the 8:45 in the same time.. [​IMG]
    But I will try from now..

    Ok -->

    Tetris for 0-500

    Double for 500-750

    Tetris for 750-999

    And I agree the rank S3-S4 are easily got with doubles..
  14. well, it's more for me to try and reach S9 in wathever time and then try to go faster (for the moment, I almost do not lock a single tetromino since from 500 to improve my stacking skills and understand perfectly what is possible or not in which situation)
  15. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake


    This one could maybe help us to understand, but what happens from S1 to S4 is very strange..It seems to be right a Tetris which gives a grad is a lost Tetris..The best thing should be to get a grad with a single..But why sometimes a double is as profitable as a Tetris ? Even in the middle of 2 grads.. [​IMG]

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