TAP Hiscore (Game Over Code) source code

Thread in 'Research & Development' started by LOst, 31 Jan 2015.

  2. Ahh, I see you stay at level 998 until the next line clear. So you are right, sorting by grade is not necessary, my SQL server will be happy to hear about that. ;)
  3. As soon as you hit 999 in death, you are awarded the GM grade.
  4. Thanks a lot for all the codes. I think the sorting and adding of new records works now as expected.

    I also added a possibility to add a link to a video/screenshot later (or fix it, if you messed up). Just click on add, reenter the initials and code again and set your new/fixed link to a video.
  5. Oh maybe I should have linked some highlights to my stream so we could identify what the medals were...

    I'll double check it to make sure everything went okay, and I'll be officially floored by how well that thing works!
  6. There are a couple of crazy rules to look out for. Normal Mode and Death Mode only has Green Line finishes (Death Mode is a guess since there is no hiscore for that mode, but Orange line is awarded to any surviving credits as part of Master Mode, and it rubs off on a Normal mode gameplay in the hiscore game-over code, but never in the real hiscore list). Orange Line is only for Master Mode! Also Normal Mode's Green lines must not rank above non-green lines with higher score (basically, the green line is cosmetic telling the game reached level 300 and not part of the actual ranking order).
  7. I am not striving to make a 1:1 copy of the highscore lists in TAP. I try to go beyond that. If I can use your code to get information the games hides, that is no reason for me to hide it. I try to show every bit of useful information and maybe even add an alternative ranking based on this information. We could for example start a challenge to get the highest grade after level 300 and finish the credits.

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