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Thread in 'Competition' started by Pineapple, 5 Oct 2006.

  1. Anyone know of a url to a (preferably English) guide of how the Vs. mode on TGM works?

    I've tried it with a friend, but it seemed a bit random and we couldn't figure out much of what was happening.
  2. Nobody's really into it... I don't even know of a Japanese guide. But here goes:

    The goal is to either get to the level cap first (very rare), be closer to the level cap when the time expires (somewhat rare), or kill your opponent (the usual way). For every piece you place you charge item bar, so faster players will get special items more often. You'll note that whatever line you clear, your opponent will receive it minus the piece you used to clear it. So:

    -The special items are random.

    -The garbage is 100% controlled.

    Basically: play fast, and go for advantageous line clears if that's an option.
  3. How do you mean the garbage is defined?
  4. [​IMG]
  5. tepples

    tepples Lockjaw developer

    The garbage in DuelTris (Apple IIGS) proceeds like this, and I think Bloxeed and TGM work the same way:

    |     | |     |
    |  S  | |     |
    |  SS I| |     |
    |  S I| | Z I  |
    `----------' `----------'
    |     | |     |
    |     | |     |
    |    I| |     |
    |    I| | Z I  |
    `----------' `----------'
    |     | |     |
    |     | | Z I  |
    |     | |ZZS ILOOJ|
    |     | |ZTSS ILOOJ|
    |    I| |TTTS ILLJJ|
    |    I| |JTZZ OOLI|
    `----------' `----------'
    Notice how the lines added to player 2's field are identical to those that player 1 cleared.

    It encourages players to break a streak of back-to-back tetrises in the same rectum, as they'd just send the same blocks back and forth. But something like this wouldn't work for Nintendo-style 2-player, where the number of lines cleared is greater than (double, triple) or less than (B2B tetris, t-spin, B2B t-spin) the number of garbage lines sent.
  6. Bou

    Bou Unregistered

    [​IMG] For my first post I etablish a new record [​IMG] Impressive no [​IMG]

    (If you think that I am a little boastful this is because Amnesia is my Master)
  7. The man finally appears! [​IMG]

    Welcome to the forum Bou, and congratulations also for recently improving your Death record.
  8. Bou

    Bou Unregistered

    thx colour_thief !!

    and for my Death mode I immediately will try to make a new record !
  9. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake


    For this evening, the priority is mine!!

    You have already beaten your record 2 days ago!

    I've waited for 1 month!!!

    Respect your Master.. [​IMG]

    (For people who don't understand, I only count on his PC..I've not my own PC)
  10. And Quadra IIRC.

    DIGITAL Unregistered

    Played this with my little brother. [​IMG]

    Co-op is much harder than it looks. We couldn't divide our field in half since my brother can't stack flat enough to avoid gaps. So...we just decided to play in sync with each other's thoughts... [​IMG]
  12. Ooooh, Bou and Amnesia have a new target to beat. [​IMG]
  13. mfm005

    mfm005 Unregistered

  14. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    I definitely hate you DIGITAL...

    But thank you to supply my motivation..

    (wait I finish my fuck'in studies and get a PC, and you 'll see..)

    You know it's impossible for you to play with me or Jago..Our games are definitely uncompatible..I've already tried to do it with a skilled player in your style, who hates speed and stress, and it's almost impossible..

    I think DIGITAL has formed his little brother as I formed Bou, in order to have a "sub-clone" with the same reflexes and techniques..

    But mfm I would like to see me too, when you want* we can organize a meeting in Paris with Jago.. [​IMG]

    *Not before september..
  15. mfm005

    mfm005 Unregistered

  16. Bou

    Bou Unregistered

  17. My money's on Bou/Amnesia to be the first to go sub-5...
  18. Bou

    Bou Unregistered

    thx Lardarse !! We will try to be the first to sub-5 when I receive my cable in order to connect my Xbox stick arcade on my computer...because actually I play with a gamepad like playstation and I can't do my best !!

    DIGITAL Unregistered

    On the reverse end, my little brother is terrible with keyboard tetris. He doesn't even use firm drop haha. I need to get him a gamepad if I want to get sub 5 minutes. Right now, I'm the one doing the most work building.

  20. I know just what you mean! When I play with my housemate, he's player 2 and we try to keep the tetris hole on the right as per usual. He gets all the line clear bonuses and I stack faster than him to even it out. Of course, he's still too weak for us to make it... I think our closest was something like 290-280 (I count that closer than 300-280).

    What I like about Amnesia/Bou is their video shares the work pretty evenly, even though Amnesia is the stronger player. It's nice to see. [​IMG]

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