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Thread in 'Competition' started by colour_thief, 9 Aug 2006.

  1. [​IMG]
    Holy shit. A 70 level pb!

  2. 724 @ 4:47:06
    One step closer to GM
    (Panicked so hard when I reached 700 lol)
  3. meh
  4. [​IMG]

    GM @ 05:44.08

    Couldn't beat Kevin today, nor the past three weeks :(

    I choked away some really great runs in the meantime; Got a 990 @ 05:31 a week and a half ago, and another time some TGM spirit possessed me or something because I also got a torikan break @ 02:40.

    I should look into getting a recording setup some time soon. Or use some @Sumez tech and just point a webcam at the screen, heh.
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  5. FeV


    death-gm-5.44.73.png death-taptracker-5.44.png

    Wow. I was just about to give up on this for a while. Decided to play this morning on a whim and this came out of nowhere. Very satisfying run, manlocked in all sections, although I did slow down some in the last two because I was shaking so much...

    Gm @ 5:44:73.
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  6. Uhhh so people are just getting super close to sub 5:40! I'm extremely glad we're getting another wave of new records from the top of the list :)
    Hmmm, now who'll get 5:3xx I wonder... I'll give something special to whoever gets it first!
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  7. FeV


    Oh god, I don't know if I can put myself under this strain again right away D: Maybe I'll leave this one to Kevin or MHL, as death has been slowly killing me ;)
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  8. Ah it's alright, I see some other guy named tc_fev on Twitch is active! And he seems pretty close too!
    Just so that I don't overhype this, I am not going to reward anyone with commentary, commentary should be for literally anyone. It's a silly little thing I'll stream and give to whoever gets sub 5:40 ;)
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  9. 776 @ 5:03:80
    This is getting real
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  10. GM @ 05:37.43

    I had really nice games yesterday that just didn't come together. Turns out that sleep = MVP and I got this in the first ~5 games of the session. I was level stopped for maybe 2-3 seconds at 998 and panicked hard. The game luckily didn't end there though!
  11. A winner is you! I'll try and give you a DM tonight about what you will get :) That's going to be a challenging one though.
    No spoilers!
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  12. I can't believe the Death games people are churning out now!

    Meanwhile I'm still trying desperately to reach level 400 :(
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  13. Raised my PB by a mere 18 levels today. Not a lot, but it broke an important number for me.


    One and a half year after first reaching level 300+, I finally got into the 400s. I gotta have the slowest improvement rate of anyone on this forum.
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  14. I'm mainly posting this because it's pretty funny. I PB'd but didn't break the torikan. Note my previous PB was 3:26:88, so there wasn't much to improve on.

  15. Finally got the toikan! It took one day shy of 4 months from first getting 500.

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  16. FeV


    Nicely done, @xyrnq ! Finally you are a Death Master. Keep up the good plays, hope to see you pursue it all the way to Grand Master!
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  17. Thanks @FeV! I'll definitely be trying to get the GM! No point stopping halfway :)
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  18. So after almost ten years I finally hit death 500 lol

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  19. A video of the new PB. 511@3:25:80

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  20. x-posting from the carnival thread:


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