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Thread in 'Competition' started by colour_thief, 9 Aug 2006.

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  2. upload_2016-9-19_23-57-53.png
    today's 4th pb
    let's keep going
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  3. FeV


    Death Grand Master
    Gm (999) @ 6:19:31

    My original goal for TGM is completed.

  4. Jii


  5. dude
  6. Great job @FeV! Enjoy your day of infinite happiness :D
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  7. Amazing job @FeV ! Makes my puny PB today pale in comparison. 495 @ 3:29. I can smell the M!
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  8. Something!
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  9. FeV


    Progress is slow because my first halves have been garbage since my gm (harder than second half for me now). I got a new recorded best with 899:
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  10. FeV


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  11. [​IMG]

    GM @ 06:03.31

    Gotta practice up so I can be less fraudulent the next time I'm over at Kevin's place. For some reason, obs-studio stopped working for me, so no video yet.

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  12. [​IMG]
    I hit 300 @ 2:00 and stopped manlocking, but then it felt too slow :sowsuser:
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  13. Finally hit 500! It's not my fastest time to 490ish, I've been on target to get under the 3:25 before and stuffed up, but I'll take this for now. I'd like to thank all the work I have to do for giving me the motivation to procrastinate and play tetris.

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  14. Not better than before but almost 15 secs faster ;)
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  15. FeV


    Jeez. This was quite a grind to get. But I am happy to get my 3rd Gm, with quite a clean run at that! 6:05:60 with 3:01:25 at the half. Now I suppose I will have to implement manual locking between 500 and 990...

    Fumen: click me
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  16. Muf


    About time :D


    Was a really shitty run too with 0-200 over 1:30 :sowsuser:
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  17. COL


  18. Muf


    Thanks guys! :D

    Slight improvement:

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  19. Nice going! There was like a year and a half between my first and second Ms.
  20. I guess I've now got the fastest time to 500 that's slower than 3:25. I'm not sure how I feel about this.


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