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Thread in 'Competition' started by colour_thief, 9 Aug 2006.

  1. I got my 3rd pb in less than a week, only a minor improvement - 454 @ 3:16:86

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  2. FeV


    Yet another PB, just after the end of the carnival. I wish I could just go ahead and hit 600 or something :p
    I don't have the section times recorded, but I know I hit 200 at about 1:19, 300 at about 1:53, and 400 at about 2:38. It was a fast game for me so I didn't bother manlocking past 300 xp

    Fumen: click
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  3. Sod's law in action right there.
  4. I've got a 299 from the Carnival, but I don't know if it counts because it's Nullpomino. I do have the emulated arcade version now, but I don't want to ruin my right-first muscle memory to play left-first on keyboard, so I'm waiting till the joystick I ordered comes in.
  5. Nullpomino records do not count on this thread - the carnival is an exception where scores from all games are accepted so long as they reasonably represent the ruleset.
  6. Is there a thread for Nullpomino stuff, then? I noticed there are a few buried very deep in the forum's archives, but only for very specific categories.
  7. Not on the board index at least. Nullpo hasn't really been particularly popular for TGM modes except for non-standard rotation systems. Most people either typically would either play TAP, or Texmaster Sudden which has a reasonable leaderboard.
  8. Welp, I just got a stick to play arcade with today, so here's my record for that.

    Woohoo, last place again. >_>

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  9. Missed my goal of 5:2x. Maybe some other time.

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  10. Jesus Christ! What have you done there? :) The truth is that it was about to come but this time is incredible, 2nd half was really huge (I had the same torikan in my 5:26).
    I also love this stress in the last section where you just throw the pieces begging for the game to end... :) Bravo!
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  11. I do not know, fine sir. I do not know.
    What I DO know is that I really wanted the last section to end, indeed :D
  12. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Congratz Qlex, this is a MASSIVE record like we see only once a year. The last big one like this was the TI GM in 5:03 of Kevin, now it is you with this "out of curve" performance.

    Hard to remember that 3 years ago I was beating you in all modes of the game.

    If we never see Batfly again, you should keep the first place for 3 years at least. Unless Altimor shows off his super power on DEATH mode, no one here can even be close behind you.
    Then only jago and c_t has a superior level of technic, but the 2 dudes are too old to manlock like you do at DEATH 500 speed. I am also too old to hold the necessary speed.

    Kitaru has the potentiel, he is young enough, but the m roll absorbed all his speed capacity.

    The player who will seriously challenge your record in the future is Kevin I think.
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  13. K


    la releve est assurée :D
    Your reaction is priceless man we need an HD gif of this !!!
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  14. gg champion.

    WTF did I just watch x) !
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  15. My first record achieved on a PCB.

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  16. Woke up and played the slowest game of Death in my life. Though because of that I got my first SK medal in death!
    I think now the only medal I haven't gotten in death is a RO medal. Though sod that. RO medals are hard enough for me to get in master.
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  17. Getting better at stick! Here's a 163.

    And then a 165 that I actually recorded on screen (first game out of 5):


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  18. I'm no expert, but I feel like you can improve a lot quickly just by learning to use the Initial Rotation System.
  19. I actually do use IRS quite a lot already; I'm just not familiar with all the places it's useful yet.
  20. Almost every piece, apart from the T-piece, is more useful when IRS'ed (though of course, it's always situational, and you have to be especially careful with the I-piece)
    Especially J and L. There are situations where they can be blocked from going in one direction if you do IRS them, but at least to get a hang of it, I would suggest you start out ALWAYS IRS'ing these two pieces so the short flat side is downwards as they drop, even if you do need them with the opposite end downward! Just pretend the IRS is their default state.

    You can usually follow up an IRS like that with rotating them flat on their "back", which increases mobility immensely, and they tend to be easy to flip back to whatever position you want them in, without being blocked.

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