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Thread in 'Competition' started by colour_thief, 9 Aug 2006.

  1. Amazing job. You fought the good fight. Did you fumenize the whole game by hand? That's equally as amazing :)

    Enjoy your day of infinite happiness! :D
  2. Thanks! I was so excited that I had trouble sleeping last night.

    I actually have a tool that automatically transcribes piece placements from a modified version of MAME. The fumen link is made using from steadshot's fumenizer.

    I still need to:

    1: get it to work with TGM1 in addition to TAP.
    2: get it to work on Windows.
    3: do a code cleanup. It's hacked together right now.
    4: implement comment support in so level/section time data can be transcribed as well.

    I kind of got sidetracked trying to make this work with Texmaster, but messing with assembly was too much for me. I'm also a bit apprehensive about working/playing on emulator so much...
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  3. Muf


    Sounds like the kind of thing that gets me excited about again. :awe: Nah, let's finish TC3 leaderboards and tournaments first. ;) Oh, and the wiki... :sowsuser:
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  4. Congratulations. That was some impressive speed the entire way through and some seriously clever overhangs to set up your mistakes into spins.
  5. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Yes, I would say that you are in advance with your level of technic compared with your brute speed. This gives an interesting result :
    On my first GM I was only at 6:31, and I remember my speed was a little bit more agressive than yours, but my technic a little bit less smart than your current. And you have made it 14sec faster at the end.
  6. I managed to survive a little bit into the 300's to get 333 @ 2:33:56.

  7. 0003.png

    500 in 3:52. No sound, listening to downton abbey in the background.
  8. FeV


  9. 372 @ 3:22. Phone was on low battery and wouldn't let me take a picture.
    code was 4fep3ch6hdxwec4p (initials are ARK)
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  10. Hey guys I charged my phone today

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  11. Good job. You're pretty close to the 400 mark!
  12. Jii



    So close, yet so far!
  13. Halfway to 400! With a SNES controller! The sacrilage continues!
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  14. CPN


    Alright, it's finally time for a Death submission.


    I am going to break 400 soon, I think. I'm not scared anymore.
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  16. 432 @ 3:59:00

    Finally broke into 400! And a decent way into 400 as well.
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  17. Muf


    Slight improvement.

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  18. I finally managed to break into the 400's with a 419 @ 3:12:45 (sorry for the horribly out of sync audio).

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  19. [​IMG]
  20. [​IMG]
    And here I thought my 451 was a fluke....
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