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Thread in 'Competition' started by colour_thief, 9 Aug 2006.

  1. Thanks guys. Hopefully I'll be the third of many!

    For those of you hitting a wall when it comes to Death 300+, please read the high speed building thread. And note that if you want to pass the torikan, you're going to have to play all of 0-500 in this style. It's good practice to start playing this way <300 because you can still use "slow" moves as a crutch as you learn.


    Yeah, I'm still in a great mood. Nobody ask me a favour! [​IMG]
  2. New record for me: Death lvl 512


    So far, not counting Heboris or emulation, I have reached 500 once (2 seconds over the torikan of 3:25) and passed it twice for M. I think I've built decent high speed habits. [​IMG] Now I need to work on my endurance...
  3. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Thanks for the tip about the 180, it's easy to perform it!

    It's a little few faster than pressing A-A..

    But I'm not sure it's indispensable to reach the M grad.. [​IMG]
  4. K


  5. Wow... that bonus vid is almost as good as the 7-combo that you pulled off in 1 of your training videos...
  6. New personal best:

    Death 540 @ 3:35:45

    2 levels behind mat, but marginally faster. [​IMG]
  7. K


    yup !

    i feel pressure now...

    the road to Gm will start to become tight.... [​IMG]

    will someone be able to get it before end of year ? [​IMG]
  8. Don't worry jago. Even if I get there first, and I won't, you'll still be better than me. [​IMG]
  9. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    WHY?? [​IMG]
    Grad is Grad..
  10. K


    i don't worry, cause i just don't care ! it's just good to get some old feeling pressure arcade competition. [​IMG]

    Grad is Grad but....

    in TGM1,

    your best time is 12:06:~~

    my best time is 10:07:~~

    the best time ever know is under 9 min...

    so yeah grade is grad, but there is time too. [​IMG]
  11. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    [​IMG] Thank you of recalling to me for this detail.. [​IMG]
    In next holiday I will try to reach 11min30..

    One day, there is now few month ago, some guys have reproached to me my spirit competition about Tetris..In fact I've the impression that excite you like me.. [​IMG]
  12. It seems like a good time to bump this thread:

    Firtly, a few weeks ago mat improved his record from 542 to 554 @ 3:41:90. I know he's been really busy... It's nice to see him give this game some attention once again.

    Today I pulled off this...

    ...which is a modest improvement of 19 levels. But! It's enough to push me into second in the Gm race. [​IMG]

    Most impressively, however, is jago, who set a new record of 740!!!

    In true jago style, video proof follows:

    I know we can't be the only people playing. Post your progress people! [​IMG]
  13. mat


    well done both of you!

    haha, jago's youtube description: " hmmm a lucky play..."

    yeah, seriously, how bout you put up some videos of some actual skill. [​IMG]
  14. jag, i can't imagine how excited you must've been after reaching seven hundred. very impressive.
  15. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake



    And more the time passe, more I can feel it!

    Yesterday I've believed it for few second [​IMG]
    452 in 3min05...

    I can manage the cancel at 300 and I think it's the principal to get M...

    Fot me I just have to find the good balance between speed and precision..
  16. K



    Thanks very much for the supports [​IMG]

    I felt it was a lucky play, because at several moment, i've done dangerous "dead end" move, but the each time the "saving ass" piece popped out at the very moment...

    I never felt a game so long and actually i didn't noticed that 700+ were broken until the game was over

    I'm very happy cause it's almost half of the max speed course 500->999.

    Exactly, it was impossible to play again cause my hand were shacking. But Infinite joy on my face for all the day !!! [​IMG]

    @Amnesia : lvl 452 with 3min 05 is too slow but very close, c'mon, you can do it ! [​IMG]

    Btw, i'm rewriting a note about Death mode tips, maybe it can help people...
  17. sihumchai

    sihumchai Unregistered

    "Btw, i'm rewriting a note about Death mode tips, maybe it can help people..."

    Yes please. My pyramid sucks, I keep getting stairs.
  18. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Are you sure?? It rested 50 levels in 20 seconde..
    I think it was just but possible... [​IMG]

    if you count 2,3 tms + 1 for the line, that could give 3.3 level/sec..
    But only if I've had stabilized or decreased a few of my stack..
    Or maybe I'm totally wrong in my calcul...

    Thank jago you motive me!

    This evening I will do a hard session with my friends to get it.. [​IMG]
  19. Ah yes, the saving ass piece. My most favourite of the 7 pieces. [​IMG]

    It would have been very close if you made it. The 400 section at minimum speed (no locking) takes about 40 seconds. The catch is that you always die with a full screen... If you had survived by definition your stack would be lower. [​IMG] It is a very close call, especially considering the 499 barrier. But try just a little harder and I'm sure you will succeed!
  20. jujube

    jujube Unregistered

    nice job ct and jago. i'm going to start a page on the wiki with links to every video i can find, and jago all your videos will surely be there. hope to have it started by this weekend.

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