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Thread in 'Competition' started by colour_thief, 9 Aug 2006.

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    That thread is really old; I don't think I've updated it in years. Also, just so you know: from about mame version 0.126 onwards, the internal cheat engine has been completely recoded, so the old cheat format no longer works. If you want to use a recent version of mame, you'll need an .xml cheat file instead of the older .dat file. There's a version floating around somewhere that I wrote about half a year ago, but again, it's not been updated since.
  2. Ow, I didn't know about this method. I am using MAMEUI32 0.141, is there any possibility to use a cheat mode, on TGM or TAP ??
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    Edo a.k.a. FSY

    Download this, and place it in your MAMEUI32 folder, alongside your MAMEUI32.exe. Make sure you go to
    Options--->Default Game Options...--->Miscellaneous
    and tick the box that says "Enable game cheats". Then when you're playing, press the TAB key and go to the Cheat menu. So far, I've only written cheats for tgm2p in the new .xml format. Hopefully this will be enough to keep you going for a while.

    If you want to practice Death mode at higher speeds, because of the level 500 torikan, trying to set the level above 500 doesn't quite work right. You might like to try using the Start at Level 499 cheat instead, and just play on from there.
  4. Thank you so much for the tips, it works perfectly.

    I tried to play Death at 500... And I understood one thing... I will do my best to become GM at TGM... and give up TAP :D

    Btw, is there something similar to TGM? Is is possible to play TGM at Death speed?
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    Clearing TAP Master isn't so difficult once you can clear TGM. You only need to get a little used to Death 300 speed.

    There are cheats for TGM, but only for very old MAME versions. 20G in TGM is constantly the same speed. You can use the 20G code (press down 8 times followed by C,B,A) to play 999 levels of 20G which is a nice challenge. ^^
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    Woah, congratulations!! I hope there's a video and nice time. Was that your first time reaching level 500? ^^
  7. Thanks! :D There is no video, sadly because I can't follow easy instructions for recording q_q
    It was my first time reaching 500. I think I had a 49x run before that I didn't post, though.
    I'm hopefully going to play a better game and get a video in the (near?) future. I can hopefully learn to successfully manlock in 300s to get an even better time :3
  8. [​IMG]

    I am playing exclusively 20G in TGM these last weeks to improve my stacking abilities, but need to relax sometimes by playing some Death games. Thanks for the cheat mode, I am now able to train the speed of Lvl. 300, so I guess it allowed me to reach that level today.

    But for the moment, I need to keep on concentrating on that f<3<3<3<3g TGM's 20G ! One day GM I shall be!
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    Vive la france :biggrin:
  10. small improvement.
  11. [​IMG]

    Seven more seconds to go.
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    M rank reached in 2:56, video coming soon.
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  16. Your 300-500 section is very impressive ! ;)
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    My 3rd DEATH GM, I feel better now, I had not performed even one since January.


    and silver SK btw..:$

    EDIT : can someome make a video maybe ? from an inp where there are 15-20 min of game before the good one..
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  18. small improvement :
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