Records: [TAP] Death series of 5

Thread in 'Competition' started by Qlex, 24 Feb 2016.

  1. Code:
    500 (3:28)
    Total: 2313
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  2. TAP Death 5 Games - 1782
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  3. Cool. Glad people are showing some vidyas here and there as well, I like watching Death mode :)

  4. Code:
    500 (3:25:66)
    Total: 2561
    Average: 512
    We're on the other side of 500 now!

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  5. Alright, I'm pretty sure I haven't made an addition, or even counting mistake this time. I'm definitely going to edit that line out if I have though.


    Obvious places for improvement are obvious.

    Sorry about the lack of sound, I was listening to some lectures while playing so muted the video.

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  6. Cracked into the 2000 club! 2051.

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  7. Updated!

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  8. 1935

    Game 1: 434
    Game 2: 397
    Game 3: 354
    Game 4: 423
    Game 5: 327

    Getting close to 2000! (Sry, shadowrecording did not catch the whole run)
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  9. 808
    Total: 2450
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  10. There was a bit of excitement in the middle because I thought I had a few M's in a row, but there was a game which I topped out at 18 I forgot about. Sad times. Fortunately these 5 followed that 18 level game.

    199 (There's always one)
    Total: 2483

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  11. Made 2600! :D

    Total: 2600.

    No video unfortunately, it was a quick session and didn't actually think anything would happen with it because I was watching other things at the same time.

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  12. Tired of grinding TGM1 20G, played a couple of rounds of death.

    728 + 776 + 779 + 610 + 939 = 3832

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  13. Updated. Nice score for TGGC and nice improvements from MHAL and xyrnq :D
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  14. Small improvement:
    Total: 2640

    New goal is to reach 3000, I'm sure I can do it, I'm getting into the high 600's much more regularly lately and the 500 speeds are becoming easier to deal with.

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  15. Set a goal just over a week ago I thought was going to take me to the end of the year.

    848 (PB)
    Total: 3399

    I may or may not say something pretty not PC in there as well, I'm sorry.

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  16. Congrats! Remind me to take a look at this beauty :)

    EDIT : Annnd validated! Glad somebody put so much work and effort that they have a PB during their series! To me it shows the importance of consistency : You're bound to get that GM now, sooner or later! Also good job bopping @FeV, curious to see if some people will want to play this category more... :sneaky:
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  17. I'm now feeling threatened by professor xyrnq, he's catching up too fast!

    Very minor PB, but now featuring a GM

    780 + 967 + 520 + 999 + 573 = 3839

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  18. Don't feel threatened, I've only got to 600 twice since those 5 games :S and prof is waaaaay too high. I'm a lowly masters student who occasionally lectures :) Looking forward to watching the games you put up though! :D
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  19. Firstly, thank you! :)

    As for the GM, I think the biggest barrier at this point is controlling my physiological responses, my heart rate goes really high, my breathing becomes irregular, and it effects my ability to play. Obviously when I'm calm I can play the 500+ speeds, but as soon as I start having a good run, everything takes over and I fall apart :(
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  20. New series PB!

    709 572 441 724 999 Total: 3445

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