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  1. Hey guys,

    I plan on taking TAP more seriously and am considering getting a cabinet and a TAP pcb.

    Here in China I found a vendor who is selling Sega cabinets including a refurbishing service.

    The ones they carry which have a CRT are:

    New Astro City for ~310 USD
    Blast City for for ~310 USD
    New Net City (says wired to JAMMA) for ~485 USD

    After doing some research, these prices seem to be very competitive.

    From my understanding, all the above cabs can play a TAP PCB.

    Is there anything that makes one cab more suitable than the other ? From what I read the Blast and the New Net City can display 15/24/31 KHZ while the New Astro does 15/24. Is this something I need to consider ?

    I am sorry if a question like this is has been asked before or seems self explanatory. I only built arcade sticks in the past and am new to cabs, this is why I am looking for some advice.

    Thanks guys !
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  2. If the New Nets have the Toshiba monitors and not the shitty Weiya replacements, go for those as that is a screaming deal. Otherwise, get an Astro. The Blasts can also do 31k video like the NNC for Ti and Naomi games but those monitors are astoundingly unreliable.
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  3. Hello Kevin,

    thanks for the quick reply and the very useful insights.

    I just contacted the supplier and he confirmed that his New Net City cabinets come with the original Toshiba CRT.

    I will see on how I decide (I just really like the design of the Astro City).

    Thanks !
  4. I don't know how important it is to you, but the NNC is super easy to tear down and move as well. The Astro is great too, but if you have to disassemble it to get it through a door it's a lot less fun than moving the NNC. The control panel box area is also removable on the NNC and Blast which means that most situations where the cab doesn't fit through a door can be fixed by rotating it 90 degrees, whereas the Astro's is permanently attached to the bottom front panel of the cab.
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  5. Hello Kevin,

    again, appreciate the great info ! Just yesterday when lying in bed the whole move in issue suddenly struck me. "will that thing fit through the door ?" While I have space in my apartment, the doorway is kinda narrow. I will take all your advice into account and will do some measurements of the loading situation today. I already read up on some guides on how to remove the control panel of the NNC should the need arise.

    Thanks again !

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