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    Of course T-spins aren't necessary to have high level gameplay. Then again, many other things aren't necessary to have high level gameplay. Speed alone isn't a necessity to have high level gameplay. Heck, even tetrises aren't necessary for high level gameplay. T-Spins add another dimension to the game just like any other aspect. The number of dimensions determine the limit of high level gameplay. Why can't we just nerf the power of T-spins rather than taking them out completely? Rather than taking away dimensions, shouldn't we add more?

    It all comes down to opinion of what ideal tetris is all about. I just think that changes could be added to the formula without drastically changing it that's all.
  2. I played a friend game with NOAH and a few other 2ch players. They're well ahead of anything I've ever seen with t-spins. Some of the setups were just mental. It looked like they'd misdropped badly, or had messed up, but no. Some clever manoeuvring later and I was up to my neck in garbage.

    The way NOAH lays down t-spins is incredible.

    Still I was winning a decent proportion of games, so they can't be too powerful.

  3. I'd wager they were playing slower to accomodate the t-spins, and in time will become fast enough to slaughter those who play differently.

  4. Was it common knowledge that these t-spins were rewarded differently?

    That significantly ups the inelegance factor, in my opinion...

    And doesn't the game not distinguish between them properly?

    It'll just say "T-Spin" regardless of the type.
  5. Triple Lei, you legend.


    That is now my bible for t-spins. It includes the ones that NOAH and the other people I played were doing. Especially the second one (Super T-Spin Double - 0:36) and it's variation later on (TKI Signature - 4:00). The one at 3:18 is also very cool.

    I'd never seen those before that video other than the friend game this week. Maybe I'm just behind the times.

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    http://www.tetrisconcept.com/wiki/index ... in_methods
  7. I haven't been playing tetris for long time, so I nearly understand nothing about everything that has been said here [​IMG] but I thought I could share my newbish point of view:

    When I first played tds and tgm around six months ago, my tetris skills were those from the original game boy version and thus, I hated the T (don't ask me why, it was just like that).

    Each time I got one, I was just thinking "shit, what the hell am I going to do with this shitty tetromino ?"

    After watching a couple of videos to understand the "special moves" that were added to the good old gb tetris, I realised each time I was saying (to myself [​IMG] ): "WTF !", the guy on da video did something unbelievable for me with T. So I started to try and do those things myself until today: my favourite tetromino is T [​IMG] I really love all the shit you can do with it !

    As said before, it helps cleaning the garbage in the middle of the screen very quickly, makes you feel like "hey, you're playing nicely" sometimes and most important part: makes your friend think "WTF !" when they play with you on TDS [​IMG]
  8. I always loved the T. You need a seriously screwed up field to not be able to place it.

    The square piece however...

  9. I love the O. It's so straightforward. You never rotate it, regardless of the rotation system. It's never the cause of any serious holes either.

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    I agree. The O is great hehe. They fit very well if you remember to build evenly.
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    O causes me a lot of trouble, because i stack badly. but l and j are my least favourite because i invariably place then on their end, which often leaves a tower 3 blocks high, which can only be fixed with I. Except when LJO happens, that is sweet.
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    Some clones, especially web-based (JS/Java/Flash) ones, use a rotation system where O rotates around one of its corner pieces:

     ...... ...... ...... ...... ......
     ..OO.. ...OO. ...... ...... ..OO..
     ..OO.. ...OO. ...OO. ..OO.. ..OO..
     ...... ...... ...OO. ..OO.. ...... 
    Even some BPS-developed games, such as Bombliss (Tetris Blast in US) and The Next Tetris, allow O to contain multiple colors:
     ...... ...... ...... ...... ......
     ..OX.. ..OO.. ..OO.. ..XO.. ..OX..
     ..OO.. ..OX.. ..XO.. ..OO.. ..OO..
     ...... ...... ...... ...... ......
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    LJO happens a lot with a 7 piece bag. probably more than you realize. if you can take those pieces out of the bag, stick them out of the way where they don't interfere, you have S and Z for setting up T spins and the I for tetrises. this is a bit idealistic, but my point is LJO happens when your first piece is J, your second piece is O and your seventh piece is L. it's a very good way to stack i think.
  14. One thing that I want to add:

    After watching the Triple Lei vs jujube vid, it made me realise something. the current mode of thought by the people who are in charge of desiging these official games believe that the great power of the T-spin is offset by the fact that you need to soft drop to do it. It's also probably the one reason why we'll never see a non-locking hard drop in an official game.

    My thoughts? Yes, the fact that you have to slow down to do it does make it harder. But it's still worth the risk, with the current T-spin rewards...
  15. Yep, i voted for t-spins. "With great power comes great responsibility."
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    I'm of the opinion that "the game's name is tetris" (chuckle).

    I have a few possible ideas.

    1) Only award line bonuses for t-spins if they are used to clear garbage lines. This way you can't set them up so easily.

    or maybe

    2) go back to "immobile", reward all twists, and reduce the reward. Spin triple three, spin double 2, spin single 1, and ONLY TRIPLES continue back to back.
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    Me being the TDS T-spin whore that I am, love T-spins.

    I can't get enough of my beloved setups. I mean Tetris is fun, but I always thought all the special things you could do with the T's was amazing. I can seriously play at least twice as good using just T-spins and only tetrises with garbage than the other way around if I am going at full speed. And when you get higher up, you barely have any soft-dropping to do, which makes TSTs a life saver.

    If you watch Triple Lei's video vs. snark you see snark has heaps of good setups involving tetrises after t-spins, as you can do the t-spins higher up and then tetris straight after with hard dropping rather than doing a longer soft drop.

    They were purposely put in TDS and that makes the game that sort of style.

    I wouldn't wanna get rid of them, especially ones that don't even need to kick, but I have no problem with either nerfing them or simply removing the bonus in the future, so they can just be like the old days (I'm talking about GB Tetris cause that's as far back as I go). So that's a yes from me.
  18. a few months ago i would have voted no, now that i've learned how to do them, i vote yes. lol
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    Woah, what a tight vote!
    I'm clicked yes, I like working them into my game as it varies things up a bit. I played 16 odd years without them and now I'm playing games with them I've rediscovered my love of the game. Plus it makes me look fancy in front of my (very few by now) friends [​IMG]
  20. I still hate hate hate them.

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