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Thread in 'Discussion' started by colour_thief, 7 Mar 2007.

  1. As per the topic title... no fence sitters. [​IMG]

    So, what's your opinion?
  2. Cubicz

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    Exactly. I'm not interested in learning a broken strategy, like t-spins. I just don't like them, and I'd rather be able to tetris lots rather than abuse a silly game mechanic. What if the next big tetris game doesn't have t-spins? (although it probably will, if it isnt a TGM game.) it will almost certainly have tetrises though. and tetrises are just cooler.

    This is all IMHO, btw.

  3. Not sure if you got what I was saying there, but you get points for soft dropping a piece. Combined with rotating up into the air repeatedly, you can get infinite points withouteven clearing a single line.

    Anyways I agree with you 110%. T-Spin doubles are ok as a gimmick as far as I'm concerned. Just like cascading or squares. Hell, it's more interesting than most of the lame gimmicks in Tetris Worlds. I'm just unhappy that it seems to be a permanent feature. [​IMG]
  4. I like t-spins as a permanent feature. They add something, and encourage more intelligent building than just stacking with a hole at the side.

    I really can't see them being dropped from future games.

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    I agree, it's not like T-Spins prevent you from playing the other way. I find it interesting to have more than one style of playing even if I don't utilize every technique.
  6. I like the theory of rewarding T-spins. I just don't like the implementation...
  7. It's just so arbitrary. Why not reward other line clears like S and Z triples?

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    There's no reason not to or at least that's what I think. That would be the next logical step.
  9. Better still: reward every twist clear.

    How about this idea: Garbage is 0/1/2/4 for normal clears, and 1/2/3 for twist clears. Twists are detected using the "immobile" algorithm.
  10. Tetris is iconic as a simple concept and a pure videogame. One of the purest, certainly. I'm rather fond of its elegance, and in my opinion layering crap like t-spins, unpredictable wallkicks, and tacky themes gives the game an... unflattering physique. I have no qualms with people who want to hit it, but to suggest that it should replace all versions as the status quo is rather frightening. Diversity is the spice of life etc. etc.

    So yeah I object to it on the grounds of inelegance. TGM proves that you can be deep and elegant, and Sega Tetris (DC) shows how there are other interesting VS gimmicks.
  11. "I agree, it's not like T-Spins prevent you from playing the other way. I find it interesting to have more than one style of playing even if I don't utilize every technique."

    But you're wrong. T-Spins do prevent you from playing the other way. There is only one style of playing. Think of it this way. Your argument is that without T-Spins, everyone would just do Tetrises, and that's less interesting. But by the same token, "it's not like [Tetrises] prevent you from playing the other way." Hey, you can still make singles, doubles, and triples. Despite that, everyone goes for Tetrises-- and that's because it's the best way to play. Well guess what, T-Spins are now the best way to play. And by the same reasoning, they do prevent you from playing the other way-- if you want to win.

    So if you're still going for Tetrises and sometimes getting T-Spins here and there, I'm sorry, but you suck. You should be going for more T-Spins. That's just the way the game is now. (That was meant to be facetious, so don't feel offended.)
  12. I voted yes, with the caveat that they are currently way too powerful.

    DIGITAL Unregistered

    I see what you are saying. Perhaps a separate leaderboard for T-Spins and no T-Spins would solve the problem? As for multiplayer, T-spins should be toned down a bit.
  14. tetrisdude

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    i think they should, it makes the game way more interesting.
  15. Cubicz

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    I'm with Caffeine an CT on this one, and I've made myself pretty clear in block stats a few times. It's inelegant, inconsistent, and takes away from what makes competitive tetris so awesome, which is fast play. For me, they have the same place in tetris as fusion and sticky and crazy gravity, as something different. Good on TTC and Blue Planet (IIRC, dunno who TDS was developed by) for innovating, and lets hope they have the sense to realize their innovation is best remaining a gimmick or option.


    Sirlin would probably be all for t-spins to stay. He would tell caffeine to stop being a scrub. He is pretty much the definition of a scrub in this case, "X feature (t-spins) is overpowered, it should be removed or banned".

    I'm still against t-spins btw, but I don't think the theory of playing to win applies in this context.

    Edit2: wait I just re-read caffeines post, i mis-interpreted it. caffeine are you saying that tspins are bad, but here to stay, so deal with it? because thats playing to win in a nutshell, so I'm wrong if thats what you meant.
  16. Kaledean

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    I just got Tetris DS and I haven't played since GB Tetris. Sometimes when I play on the DS I notice the T-Spin bonus but I cant replecate it anyone have any pointers?
  17. jujube

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    Kaledean hope this helps

    Rosti_LFC's t-spin guide

    BTW why is this not in the wiki?

    oh yeah, Rosti is too lazy to put it there [​IMG]

    i think in order for a multiplayer tetris game to appeal to players of all levels, there needs to be something more to it than just going for tetrises. in TDS you have sideways and soft drop speeds that are slow, which means anyone who learns to stack without leaving holes will eventually play as fast as the game allows, and will be virtually equal to a large number of people. what then? you would still win most games against slower players, and 50/50 against players that can stack 9 cells wide efficiently, with the winner being the player that gets the I piece when they're stacked exactly 4 rows high and gets more manageable garbage.

    the beauty of t-spins IMO is that now you have a higher level of play that you can reach which separates you from the good, average, poor. maybe without t-spins in TDS there would be 20,000 players with a 7000 rating and holic would be at 7200. ugh.

    as far as implementing other spins, i wouldn't be against this (having a head start with t-spins [​IMG] ) because it would create an even higher level that one could reach through dedication to learning how to plan ahead and to make the most out of each piece; like taking lemons and making lemonade.

    of course i am probably biased because 90% of the tetris i've played in my life has been on a nintendo DS.
  18. Kaledean

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    Thanks, I'm noob to DS tetris I went on wifi and got owned by people with weird characters in their names [​IMG]
  19. Going for twists requires an investment in reflexion and time. I think it should be rewarded. But not too much: speed is an essential element of an enjoyable multiplayer game, after all.

    There should be a way to quickly attack someone going for complicated twist while he's building is setup.

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