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Thread in 'Strategy' started by Yokay, 17 Aug 2007.

  1. Mental block: you haven't raised my rating over 7000 [​IMG] .
  2. jujube

    jujube Unregistered

    go for the triple! [​IMG] attack when the situation is right [​IMG]
    O IIII O
    O     O
    O     O
    O     O
    O     O
    ...or stack exactly 4 rows high over a hole [​IMG]
  3. che_lives

    che_lives Unregistered

    For some reason, I can beat most of the players above me, but I can't beat players in the 6,900s. Probably because of that horrible rating-weighted garbage system.

    you need to take them seriously!

  4. Poochy

    Poochy Unregistered

    Rating-weighted garbage system? Huh?

    Also, I've found that a lot of TGM strategies are horrible for TDS - they're practically completely different games. Of course, I figured that out only after dropping a couple hundred ranking points on TDS because I made a habit of Zangi-moves and firm-drop twists, both of which work great in TGM but are annoyingly slow in TDS because there's no firm drop.
  5. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Yeah but at this period, it was a problem of mastering of SRS..

    Later I played better with Sy on his DS, and I have been blocked between 6800 and 7000..

    I am definitely a member of the ARS..
  6. SRS shouldn't really make much difference once you've got used to the piece movement during rotation.

    Still, for speed you do need to be adequate with rotating both ways, and know which way to go, especially with the S, Z and I pieces.

    A real key to getting a high rating is consistency. You have to be able to win 20 consecutive games to start getting the rating high and keeping it there. It helps if you can weigh up an opponent and play only as fast as you need to. There's no point trying to go flat-out for speed when you're playing against someone below 6000. All you'll risk doing there is misdropping a few times, and losing.

    Work out how fast you need to be, and play at that speed. If you're playing 100% for speed but misdropping every tenth piece or so, you'll be a lot slower than if you'd gone for 70 or 80 percent.

    T-spin doubles are also a big step around the 7000 rating. Don't worry about triples or more complex setups. Either the player you're against will be too fast for you to pull them off, or you're playing someone slow enough for you to beat without using them. The more complex setups only really help to advance your rating when you're already at the 7500 mark and are fast enough to pull them off without dying first (or soon afterwards due to the messed-up field they tend to leave).

    Doubles however, are extremely useful simple because they come up so frequently without much to set up. Get the shape of the setup drilled into your head, and learn to spot chances to create it. Don't force them though. Only use them when they're useful. If you have to wait more than 5 pieces to either set it up or to get a t-piece, then it isn't worth it, because you'll have to stack around the setup for too long, and you'll have poor stack left once you've done it. T-spin doubles are useful because they're a quick and easy way to send 4 lines, so make sure you only do them when they are quick and easy.

    For 4-player, don't bother playing fast to start with. Concentrate on how you stack, making sure you stay as low as possible, regardless of whether it involves clearing tetrises, and take a bit of time to monitor the top screen. You can't just concentrate on your own game.

    Watch players and you can firstly see if anyone is targeting you (you can usually notice this when you seem to be getting large amounts of garbage from the same numbered player). If they are, target them right back and kill them off early. It'll remove the threat, and also lose them points as revenge for targeting you.

    It also helps to notice when someone has a star item. For starters, don't use weapons in this time (except the red shell) because they won't have any effect on them. You should also brace yourself if they're stacking high, because there's a good chance you're going to get a lot of garbage in a short space of time. Clear right down to the bottom (gives a greater chance that the garbage line will be open when you get it) and counter it if you can.
  7. tepples

    tepples Lockjaw developer

    Try these in order against the CPU:
    1. 3 consecutive wins on level 1
    2. 3 consecutive wins on level 2
    3. 3 consecutive wins on level 3
    4. 3 consecutive wins on level 4
    5. Win once on level 5
    6. 10 consecutive wins on level 4
    7. 3 consecutive wins on level 5
    What step are you on?
  8. That's a pretty good idea tepples.

    It might just be me, but I find the Level 5 CPU to be quite erratic. Sometimes I'll beat it in a few seconds, other times I'll lose without feeling like I've played any worse.

    Playing and beating the level 5 CPU before you play wifi is a good way to make sure you're up to scratch before you go online. Stops you losing a load of points in your first few games because you're not playing well.
  9. tepples

    tepples Lockjaw developer

    I've still only completed step 5.

    I've played worldwide opponents who were just the same way.

  10. That's a good point I suppose.

    DIGITAL Unregistered

    Hehe, surely there are levels past 7? I believe the highest record for beating CPU5 is 68 consecutive times.
  12. boooring. who wants to play a cpu that much?
  13. jujube

    jujube Unregistered

    not me, unless i could win 69 in a row [​IMG] who did that and where did you here about it digital?

    DIGITAL Unregistered

    I forgot who it was exactly, but it was a player on 2ch. as7 told me about it.
  15. tepples

    tepples Lockjaw developer

    My implication was that the level past 7 is 7500+ on worldwide.

  16. Probably.

    There's a different between being able to beat it 3 times once, and being able to do it regularly though.
  17. jujube

    jujube Unregistered

    yeah...what about winning 10 out of 20 on level 5? that kind of consistency would most likely put you at 7500.
  18. No.

    That kind of consistency is at least 7750. For 20 wins it's probably closer to 8000.

    DIGITAL Unregistered

    You must be kidding Rosti. I've beaten CPU5 about 30 times consecutively before and I'm still not at 8k.

  20. Really?

    I've honestly never played against the CPU that many times in a row. I'll do five then get bored.

    I'm not sure I could get 30 though. Well, I probably could if I played enough. There isn't a 4p bot [​IMG]

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