"T-Crisis 4 110% A.I. Turbo Remix™" CNET Download.com Tribute Edition!

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  1. Hi,

    15 years since the release of Palm OS "T-Crisis 100%™"(a #1 smash hit) on c|net's Download.com site
    we are again working with CNET to release a proper sequel called: "T-Crisis 4 110% A.I. Turbo Remix™"...
    (this is a new tribute version which has been polished to perfection)

    We need help in the final phase of development and we're hoping people here could provide feedback?
    Please visit below URL to see screenshots and download the current build:

    If you love Tetris like we do, you will absolutely fall in love with this version.
    We reverse engineered the game from the original Nintendo Gameboy version.
    We then added full color graphics, 2+ hours of pulse pounding music, & 4 player simultaneous play with A.I.

    So do check out above URL, download, play, and provide opinions.
    With your help this could quite be one of the greatest Tetris games ever made...

    Jesse Lee
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