Supergun, JVS I/O, Arcade Stick? Which one to get?

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I've always wanted to play TGM3 and this week, I finally bought a Taito Type X and TGM3 (HDD + Dongle)! I'm not planning on buying an arcarde cabinet. Now, I'm looking for some input on which JVS I/O, Supergun and arcade stick I should get. If you could recommend me a good JVS I/O, Supergun and an arcade stick, which one woud you recommend me to buy to play TGM3? Money is not an issue for me. Thank you for your time and have a good day!

    // Mechkobe
  2. Muf


    It has been suggested that the Namco JVS I/O has the least amount of lag, but I don't think anyone has hard proof of that, and most people just use a Sega JVS I/O (either the one found in JVS cabinets or the "JVS to JAMMA" rev B board).

    For TGM3 (colloquially referred to as "Ti", short for Terror-Instinct), you don't really need a supergun as such. Simply feed the I/O board with 5 volts and wire the controls from it to an arcade stick somehow. If you're interested in playing JAMMA games such as TGM or TAP it could be sensible to invest in a supergun, as you can use it with either.

    As for the arcade stick, again it doesn't matter as long as you can connect it to your supergun of choice, and as long as it has a Sanwa JLF joystick and Sanwa OBSF-30 buttons.
  3. I have not tested it yet, but I can tell you what I've done for the joystick (concerning the I/O, I have Muf's listed "JVS to JAMMA" rev B board):
    1. USB Mad Catz arcade joystick from ArcadeForge
    2. Undamned USB to Neo Geo DB15 joystick decoder
    The plus with the decoder is that you can then use a USB joystick with all modern game systems and with your computer, too. I can't vouch for the lag of the decoder, but there are pictures floating around of it being used by video game competitors. The DB15 ones are out of stock at the moment (but should be back in a couple of weeks). But right now you can get the Undamned USB to terminal array decoder, and then just wire it to the BRKSD15F-C for example from Winford Engineering, which will get you exactly the same thing.

    Since you asked about the supergun, too, I am expecting to use this:
    1. Mak Strike supergun from ArcadeForge
    2. XRGB-Mini Framemeister from SolarisJapan
    3. EuroSCART to Framemeister cable (you must not use the one that comes with the Framemeister)
    But I have this setup primarily to accommodate for TGM1 and TAP. Since TI comes with VGA out and the normal line level audio, I think you would only need a supergun for the controller inputs. This makes most of the supergun stuff I listed overkill, and certainly lines 2 and 3.

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  4. XeaL LoL

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    So to summarize, will the following work?

    1.USB Mad Catz arcade joystick (xbox 360)
    2. Plug 1 into one of these...: (Undamned USB Decoder)
    3. Then wire the connections to one of these: (Jamma edge, with molex for power)
    4. Then plug that blue bit into a JVS I/O (838-13683)

    5. Then connect the JVS I/O to the Type-X

    6. Plug in the molex from the jamma edge into the Type-X power supply.
  5. That's the idea.
  6. ... :o

    I am very curious about that USB decoder! I did look for a lot of alternatives to get one, but ended up with another db15 stick anyway. Have some people looked it up?
  7. I have to report back when I've tested it with a few controllers. Jasen's did a review of it on YouTube showing it to be a little buggy when switching controllers while turned on, and not working at all with the GameCube controller. They're pretty new.
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  8. Have you tested it using an x360 controller? That'd be awesome if you could play Ti with x360 peripherals through the JVS I/O!
  9. Just tried this - everything works beautifully - I am using a USB joystick over JVS. I will report back about input delay, though i only have a 60fps camera.
  10. Cool! I ended up getting a Sigma AV7000 with 9000TBs, but I have the undamned decoders and am looking forward to using them.
  11. Can you post an how-to of your setup ? I plan to make the same thing, but i'm a n00b regarding electrical stuff (whichwire goes where)....

    It would be very appreciated :)
  12. Which part do you need help with? the list i just did is fairly self-explanatory?

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