Subforum for other addictive puzzle games?

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Would you like a subforum for other puzzle games?

  1. Yes, I have an open mind and would like to experiment with stacking things other than tetrominoes.

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  2. No, to even mention games other than Tetris would be sacrilege!

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  1. Bump. Still not happening before TC3?
  2. Muf


    Go help us with launching TC3 already! Chop chop!
  3. DotA2 subforum pls
    don't reply to this muf, I dare you...
  4. I don't know if we'd be able to fill a whole subforum with discussion, just judging by the activity level around here. Maybe just a single thread would be sufficient. That's what people seem to be using this thread for while they're waiting, anyway. But who knows, a broadening of scope could be just what we need to attract new members or bring old ones back.
  5. Anyway, I've been playing Pyoro a lot recently. I've stumbled upon the strategy of standing in the corner and reaching for the 1000 point seeds, only bothering to defend against the ones that drop close to me. It's managed to get me up to a 34,000 high score.

    Pyoro 2 is a lot easier, but I haven't unlocked it yet on the copy of Wario Ware that I'm currently using.
  6. The Pyoro series as a whole is pretty boss. I like Pyoro 2 better even if I maxed it out. Pyoro gets you into some really awful situations as it speeds up. Feels a bit unfair to me, but I tend to like easier games, Tetris aside.
  7. Check out Tidalis! It is a really good action puzzle game, especially when you up the speed. Feels similar to Panel de Pon, but with an interesting arrow mechanic. Right now it's part of the The Arclight Bundle at, so pick it up for ~$5 plus a bunch of other games! It's really a well done game.
  8. Can you recommend any particular youtube video to get a feel for what competent play looks like?
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    Promised is promised, here's your subforum! Now go make some posts about awesome puzzle games that aren't Tetris! :awe:
  10. I was fortunate enough to have a Block Out at the local arcade when I was in my late teens. If I had known back then when I know now, I would've found a way to get a video recorder in there and record me completing it :(... Of course I could say that about a lot of games from back in the day. There was something about being able to grow up THROUGH the video game revolution that made it "different" than gaming has been for me over the last decade or more. Back then I wasn't desensitized like I am now. I accomplished things on some of the arcade games back then that I'd be lucky to pull off today (like a 19-hour single quarter run on Gauntlet: starting health for a single quarter was 600 - by the time they closed the arcade and kicked me out, I had over 30,000 health built up from that ONE quarter, lol).
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    This forum seems to be a little low traffic. May I suggest changing it to "Games" (or some better title?) to be inclusive of all games, both Tetris and other puzzle games. This would mean threads like the Texmaster thread and the Nullpomino thread would get moved over here, as well as all the other threads discussing specific games.
  12. Maybe. I did want to stir up some activity here. Though, seeing as I haven't really even had proper time to do score moderation, I haven't really been thinking about extra puzzle game threads so much either. :p

    However, I do think we need a Money Idol Exchanger netplay thread... :hmm:
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  13. Or just have this for non-Tetris games whether puzzle or not?

    Or split discussion by Tetris related and off-topic? Currently almost everything in "Discussion" is Tetris related, whether that's by implicit 'this is what the board/forum/website is for' or just because apparently we have nothing else to talk about. I think if we wanted more non-Tetris discussion here it could happen, it just has to be a bit more clear that there's a place where it's OK. Otherwise people just stick to the current Tetris-only trend.

    I think splitting game-related discussion for Tetris would be a bit much. If there's a general Tetris discussion board, then I think that should cover stuff like Nullpomino or Texmaster. If you try and create a pigeon hole for everything then it starts getting a bit confusing for what should go where if there's overlap. I think the current split (leaderboards, events, strategy, everything else) does a pretty good job of making sure everything has a place without overcomplicating things.
  14. I refuse to believe that people in here don't also play a ton of other games :)
  15. i think this would work well, god knows we have enough shmup players and rhythm game players to keep a few threads active

    maybe expand the definition to something that would include things like chess and speedcubing as well? seems like there's a fair bit of community overlap
  16. I think if it's just "Other Games" without specifying "Video" then stuff like chess, cubing, MtG, board games etc would probably be able to sit under that umbrella.
  17. A forum for a pentomino tetris game would be cool.
    But the bigger question is, is there a real pentomino game out there?
    The ones had 10 x 20 board, this is wrong, because as some example when making some 11mino game, if you used the 10x20, you would not be able to rotate with some pieces.

    The board should be:
    (10/4) * 5= 12,5 (so 12 or 13)
    (20/4) * 5= 25

    So, 13 x 25 or 12 x 25
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  18. I think someone has linked a pentomino game somewhere on here before. I think it may have been a slightly bigger playfield.

    As for a polyomino game (up to 12mino?), there is Combinos (formerly Ntris), which features a 12x24 playfield.
  19. orz


    how can we bring ourselves to stack pieces made of five squares when we have not even mastered stacking those with four...
  20. We can return to the Tetris Effect puzzle solving stage with this, and perhaps deepen our understanding of The Matrix... ;)

    @troe -- I found something I was looking for on that topic, which a video using pentominoes that jujube made a while back. I guess that particular game allowed custom piece sets and playfield dimensions, so he created a set of pentominoes that closely approximated the 7 tetrominoes.
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