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  1. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    A parti du moment ou j´étais sure que ce n´était pas ta voix...
  2. Same thoughts for me ! Great cover and great plays, french powaa.
  3. Sélection 2/2

  4. K


    yup !
    the event is finished, i didn't took any pic this year.. Thanks to Olisan for all the pics !! :)
    I was glad to bring my whole set up, even if i wasn't much playing this year.
    The demo on the main scene was frightening, so much people.. The performance wasn't really good but people were happy. as sephyross say average joe don't know much about the game speed any TGM player on the scene would make the same effect :D.
    you can find the ripped stream file here :

    Sadly i didn't discussed with lot of people this year, i was mostly with sephyross, cyberguile, colin and Qlex. I just saw quickly shoryu 2 or 3 times :(
    everything was going fast… sorry if i didn't felt really available this year.
    i searched for yoshiki at beatmania but he confirm he wasn't here this year :(
    and i didn't met Olisan too ! As you can see with his pics, it's a big event with lot of retrogaming and arcade stuff.. a special thanks must be made to the superplay staff for the available place and the cabinet for TAP
    What i feel afterward is that TGM isn't much accessible for average joe, and sadly look's like an elitist game.
    I saw Prometheus, a french super player with SHMUPS, he wrote a nice paper about "how to play SHMUPS".
    fuck shit hell, shmups superplay reallllly rocks !
    i also talked with the nolife-TV Staff, and the possibility of a new superplay doc with TGM3.
    i hope new people will join the TGM community in a near future :D
  5. K : I def agree... your superplay in front of everybody was hard... By the way, we talked about HRC back there, you should see sin2324 's channel for real-time SSBM HRC, as well as the TAS sockdude1 and wakssbm

    I'm gonna make a video...

  6. Please do. You're the most appropriate guy to do it.
  7. Turns out due to several problems I encountered I won't be making a video.

    I'm just saying Stunfest was awesome, as well as everybody I met there. I hope we'll see each other sooner or later =)
  8. Can I come with you ?
    I'd love being on tv haha
  9. K


    of course !
    better than to be alone :sowsuser:

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