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  1. J'y serais, probablement vendredi soir jusqu'à dimanche matin.
  2. Je serai de la partie avec d'autres membres de l'øS.Team (Backwash, Rechiku) qui est un regroupement de joueurs de shmups mais je viendrais bien évidemment lorgner du côté TGM :)
  3. I should be there from thursday evening to monday morning.
    Jago, do you want me to bring my TGM1 pcb so you have less stuff to take with you ?
  4. K


    Yup I just saw this post.. yeah would be great.. i'm trying to get muf lending us his TI board..
    BTW we need a 31Khz screen cab !
  5. J'y serai donc on se recroisera peut être jago, amnesia, col :) (en fait Olisan c'est Brice là xD)
  6. J'ai reconnu l'avatar!
  7. mini-bus réservé :)
  8. K


    Ok, j'ai une reservation au Kyriad pour 3 personnes pour les nuits de vendredi et samedi !
    il nous manque 1 personne ! par contre le montant de la chambre est a 80€ par nuit :'( mais a diviser par 3.. sinon par 2.
  9. moi je dors chez un copaing
  10. K


    I'll finally bring my whole PC system for playing TGM3
    who's bringing TGM1 & TGM2 arcade jamma ?
    i'll be short in luggage...
  11. Je prends tgm1
    Je n'ai pas de tgm2 comme tu le sais T_T
  12. K


  13. great event !
    thanks to jago who brought his tgm3 setup ^^

    PS: jago, tu as oublié ta tête de Uma, je l'ai confié à Joe Higashi, il te la ramènera à son prochain passage sur strasbourg
  14. Was absolutely awesome.

    I'm so tired... Hope everyone got home safely =)
  15. COL


    great event! btw i had my first death M on stick!!!
  16. Excellent job! I could never perform under that much pressure.
  17. Once again, it looks like this event was great.
    Sorry to didn't came this year. Unfortunately, I was blocked in Corsica.
    I couldn't stop to think of the Stunfest all the WE !
    Hope to see all of you next time. B)
  18. Yes, it was a great Stunfest.

    I have met some good TGM's players and i have been able to bring some commentaries on 2 TI runs performed by Jago !
  19. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    So that was you !
    I was really wondering who, speaking french could talk about TGM so well and accurately.

    Next year I will come !! SURE !!!!!
  20. bah ça aurait pu être moi lol

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