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  1. Finally, I won't be there, I like when friends say yes then no...

    Like usual I'll watch the streams on Twitch

    So, I hope you'll have a nice Stunfest guys!
  2. Stunfest: Day 1!
    I'm leaving Paris to go to Rennes.
    See you there in a couple of hours! :D
  3. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    I arrived also...This one is really my last..I hate those bastards at the door...
    After 6h30 of train from Bordeaux and a total amount of 200€ for this STUNFEST, I don't want to see a baby geek explaining me at the entrance that I can not enter inside 1h30 before the end because he doesn't want to sell anymore ticket entrance...FUCK these guys at the door..
    I came for Kan because he traveled half of the planet to visit us but this one is really my last, I don't have time to lose like this with stupids nerds at the door.>:(
  4. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

  5. This Stunfest was definetly awesome!
    I just can't realized what happened during these 3 crazy days.

    Talented and passionate players everywhere.
    A lot of impressive superplays in every corner.
    Special thanks to the Superplay Team Live and the Team for that!

    The Wasshoi in Europe was at least as impressive that the one of last year.
    As a fan of shmup, I was more than satisfied. Amazing shows!
    SPS, SOF-WTN and Hattori have just blowed my mind.

    And last but not least... KAN!
    What a great superplayer!
    His performance on TGM3 was just breathtaking. O_O
    I saw some videos of him playing TGM, but seeing him playing in live was fantastic! (With nice comments from Jago in bonus :))
    I spoke with him a little bit and I was suprised how kind he is. Very great person.

    Thanks for the videos!
    It reminds me some great memories. :)

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