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    Hello guys !
    KAN is coming to France for the Event !

    Please note the date : 2014, May 2,3 & 4 !

    Every year there are japanese player invited for fighting game. Last year we got the change to have great SHMUPS players.

    Of course we will have like every year a Cabinet for holding TGM1 or TAP.
    I will bring the set up for Ti.

    it would be so fucking great if it lot of foreign player could come too :p
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  2. Hmmmmmmm.... I'll see about it
  3. My birthday is actually that weekend. Might go depending on circumstances, though Rennes doesn't seem amazingly easy to get to.
  4. I'll be there of course, and even better: it's the tenth edition :)
    Happy birthday stunfest.
    I'll bring my TAP and TGM1
  5. In your opinion, how much money can be cost the week-end here with accomodation for a French people ? Because I'd really like to come this year, but I'm etudiant and I haven't so much money
    Thank you for answering (and sorry for my bad English) ! :)
  6. Hmmm, well, the hotel for two or three people can make it 20€ a night, plus the food and the price... Let's say 60, 80€ for the whole week-end? 100€ if shit happens (which is some sort of norm when playing video games)

    GET OVER HERE *scorpion rope*. Stunfest rules! It's absolutely awesome and you should definitely find a cheap train to get there. Totally worth it!
  7. Thank you for informations. 100€ might be possible but I think train can be too much expensive for me (Rennes is more than 700 km from my town) but I really want to come here this year...

    I have 5 months to find an issue to this !
  8. Check le facebook de 3hitcombo pour trouver un éventuel covoiturage.
    Il y a deux ans, on y est allé à 9 en louant un mini-bus.
  9. Ah ouais, c'est pas bête ça, je me renseignerai, merci du conseil !
  10. Pay attention, the date is wrong...

    The Stunfest (Rennes, France) is scheduled on May 2nd, 3rd & 4th 2014!
  11. K


    OK dudes, it become interesting : KAN is coming to stunfest this year !
  12. o_O No way, I must come this year !!!
  13. Dude, just come =p try hitchhiking (covoiturage) and stuff. I might even come from Japan now that KAN is coming. I'll def make it if I can see Amnesia one more time :D
  14. My dear Tetris players,

    Once again, I'll be there this year. B)
    And this time, not only for 2 days ... but 3!
    I booked 2 nights at the Kyriad Hotel.

    See you soon guys!
  15. K


    Yes !
    hey guys who are coming to Stunfest ? English people ? Rosti ?
  16. It's looking bleak for me, very unfortunately =(
  17. I'm still a maybe. I might see if I can find any other UK friends who might want to come.

    Flying is awkward as the closest place I can get to is Dinard/St Malo, which is ~75km away and is going to cost me £110 in flights alone. Might consider driving down, but if I'm going to do that I'd kind of want someone who would come with me (Edo?! :p) to split costs and have some company.
  18. Okay, so, maybe I'll be there with a friend (he's not a Tetris player), our parents are ok, we just have to find a solution to traveling accross the country, it's just a question of organization (and perhaps of money).

    Should I do bring my stick or other stuff for the Stunfest?
  19. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Probabilities to come just strongly increased for me...
  20. yeah !

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