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Thread in 'Strategy' started by Amnesia, 20 Sep 2011.

  1. Amnesia

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    So....How do you fucking do ??
    Seriously, I am bored, I can destroy the game with time under 6min consistently, almost in both ARS and SRS, most of time without any big accident but still, I miss 1 cool and I reached a state where I am bored to do MKs, I drop my games when I see a COOL missing and I restart.>:(

    On 60 games in MASTER WORLD, I got 4 m roll. :sowsuser::sowsuser:

    You know that plenty of people on earth get mad and finish their life in a PH for less than that.
  2. Strategy for low gravity should be to play as fast as you consistently can manage and control x70 times using relative stack heights to "allocate" the time to the appropriate sections. This gives you some slack for timing inconsistencies while still allowing you to reach 300 at around the same time.

    Level 70: You won't miss this Cool, so you can leave as much stack as you want from 70-99 to give yourself slack for the next section.
    Level 170: Stack should be medium height. Build up again as usual.
    Level 270: Any extra stack you've left should be expended. 300 section 20G is guaranteed to be faster than anything you've played previously.
    Level 300-500: Play normally. As long as you don't cause an imbalance by overstacking or doing misdrops that cause a huge amount of downstack later on, each section should play naturally faster without being extraordinarily so. However, if you cannot lock 1200 speeds to their full potential, you may want to hold back some of your aggression to leave yourself enough slack to play 600-900 without misdropping.
    Level 600-900: Since there is no speed increase on these sections, it is even more important that you keep your stack height controlled; it should be about the same from one section's x70 to the next. If you can't handle these sections efficiently you may be able to cheese the Cools by holding back more in 400-599 so you can soft lock or use the stack metering tricks like 0-300, but it is best to achieve somewhere in the range of half- to full- lock consistency in these speeds. If you half-lock, this also gives you some slack to unleash your full aggression should a misdrop occur and you need to make up for lost time.

    Kevin can probably give better/more detailed advice than this, but that's generally how I go about it for now.
  3. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    You use a complexe english, it was tight to follow..

    I disagree ! :o

    200-300 is almost as fast as 300-400 if it is played well. For me the COOL at 370 is dangerous.

    For the moment I try to apply this after 500 but without success :

    We consider that the 5 first COOL are a formality :

    500-770 : I just play regular and I half lock, but 80% of teh time I lose confidence because I don't lock and let the game dominating me a little bit more level after level until I fucked up..
    771-999 : I just fuck his mother and play as fast as I can..

    I really hate this rule of level X70. As I said hundred times, there should be an additionnal rule like this : do 4 tetris in the section and the COOL is assured whatever your fucking delta at X70.
  4. K


    It's been a long time since this user didn't started an interesting thread..but then again he don't understand much or care about of the proposed answers... more like if he needed attention.
  5. Arf, you should be kinder with amnesia.
    Kitaru's post was really technical, it took me 5 good minutes to fully understand everything and I tend to believe that, even though my english skills are poor, they are better than vincent's ones ^^
  6. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    The problem is that except the little disagrement I mentioned about the 300-400 which is a trap to stupidely miss 1 COOL, I have been applied the rest of his strategy since the begining, but with too poor results...And I continu.
    Ofcourse if I have well understood, because for me as well it took a while to read it.

    this is something you can do, but not me..
    Did you know that I am completly unable to reach DEATH 500 without locking after 300 ? (torikan passed or not anyway..)
    if I let the game running at his speed, then I lose control everytime.

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