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Thread in 'Discussion' started by Kitaru, 13 Nov 2009.



  1. Yes! Brilliant idea! :D

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  2. NO YOU ARE AWFUL GET OUT :sowsuser:

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  1. I was searching for an older thread and I stumbled upon this one again. It reminded me that I think we should work on a guide like this, and also that a dedicated Strategy discussion subforum might be handy for discussing the class of things that would be included in said guide.

    tl;dr: Strategy subforum? y/n

  2. I still think we can just throw it in with discussion. :p

    Though we haven't had anything like that recently.
  3. yea, i wish we did though.

    i think i may have had a few questions over the months that i was too lazy to type out and give examples/scenarios for. i think i figured most of them out though.
  4. people actually use these forums? i thought this was just hte place to find out the skype and irc info...
  5. DeHackEd

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    I'm willing to try it on a trial basis. Give it a month and if it doesn't work out, merge the threads into this main discussion forum...

    Good idea, bad idea?
  6. Muf


    If people want this it'll be there. A month isn't enough time, people need to get used to it first. If it's completely dead in 3-6 months it's soon enough to get rid of it again.
  7. A trial run sounds good, as long as people are aware that if they don't use it they lose it sort of like the replay forum of days of old.
  8. hmm... well i guess id be the first to post my strategy, stack to the left, go for tetris, repeat until fail??

    i don't know, i see people use it a lot and it always seems to last longer than my meager 3.5 minutes so im stating the obvious here.
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  9. Either way, it will be interesting to have a few good articles related specifically to 20G strategy. Currently the material is just scattered over the forum.
  10. Muf


    It's been 2 weeks, and there is quite a big majority. Enjoy your forum guys!
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