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Thread in 'Strategy' started by cosmonaut, 25 May 2006.

  1. cosmonaut

    cosmonaut Unregistered

    i've been setting up back to back t-spins all morning in 2 player (i dont think it's reasonable to do it in 4 player because of bananas and such) and i don't know if i'm fully convinced of them.

    they are REALLY REALLY nice if the other guy is setting himself up for a tetris (or two). Back to back t-spins shoot up 13 lines for him... and if he already has 4 or 5 waiting for his tetris (most of these guys dont' know what a t-spin setup looks like so they think you're just some rookie fool who can't lay pieces) it rockets him THROUGH THE ROOF.

    The problem is... if he clears a few lines i'm left with a shitload of junk on the other side of the screen from my t-spin setup that isn't useful for anything except one or two lines at a time.....

    any suggestions?
  2. Sully

    Sully Unregistered

    I don't think b2b t-spin triples are a good strategy at all because it's faster and easier to set up Tetrises.

    I know nicholas practiced them a bunch on 2-player, perhaps he can share his thoughts.
  3. cosmonaut

    cosmonaut Unregistered

    they are definitely a detriment against players with 7000+ ratings.

    To complete the t-spin you need to spend an extra 2-4 tetraminos (and if 4 tetraminos that is 4/10 of a tetris already). Coupled with the extra thought and decreased ease compared to setting up a tetris....

    really, i conclude there is NO point in setting up t-spins.

    do you get more points if you win and have accomplished a t-spin?

    and can someone verify that you get FEWER points if you disconnect during a 4 person game after you have lost? It seems like if you place 3rd and you disconnect the system counts that as a complete loss and it makes you 4th place after your disconnect.......
  4. cosmonaut

    cosmonaut Unregistered

    the only thing i've accomplished with t-spins is decreasing my rating from 7100 to 6600 and now i can do some tetris sharking. bah, i hate guys that do what i'm about to do.
  5. I ran into someone last night who threw out periodic T-spin singles and doubles. For the first few games I actually thought he was cheating somehow -- the garbage difference is just that significant. He was definitely slower than me, and no more efficient at clearing garbage...but he beat me repeatedly (quite badly a few times).

    I've never seen anyone effectively pull off T-spin triples online, but singles and doubles seem to be very reasonable and worth practicing. However, I'm fairly certain that the key isn't to set things up, it's to recognize and seize natural opportunities.
  6. X-Perts

    X-Perts Unregistered

    Yet again, I will say that I don't have Too much experience with online, but I do have a TSpin triple strategy for the beginning of a mach. As you are probably all aware, the game gives you one of each block when you first start out a mach, so I decided to make a setup for T-spin triples that requires one of each block. It turns out that if you start out with a T, L, J, I or O (basically not a Z or S), most of the time you can pull off the Tspin triple sending 6 lines of garbage. (note that you nead to recieve a second T) How you work the Z and S blocks can differ depending on the blocks that you will recieve after them.

    It's the first part of this GIF


  7. you need less tetrominoes to clear a ts triple than a tetris (three lines vs. four lines), and because they require less tetrominoes and output more garbage, they are in fact better. those 3.1 extra tetrominoes can go down to .5 tetrominoes if you stack right. it doesn't really hinder downstack if you play it right.

    i've played a lot with them for about two weeks, and i still practice them when facing someone sub 6000. although btb ts triple might push it, one is still better than starting with a tetris-- even a ts double's better, but i haven't really looked into setting up any of these. it's just that it takes thought process to set up a btb ts triple, and this mainly slows me down. even so, i don't see this as a valid point to why a player shouldn't use them. everyone's slow at first when learning something new. i don't see any reason why a player who goes for btb ts triples, who could keep the same pace as a normal tetris player, wouldn't have the advantage.

    btw, i didn't know the game starts you off with one of each tetromino, xpert-- that's really interesting.
  8. tepples

    tepples Lockjaw developer

    Especially when clearing garbage, I tend to find a T-spin double (+4, set B2B) followed by a tetris (+4+1) to be easy enough and useful.

    But it'd be even easier if the game had TNT/TGM style firm drop. I guess the T-spins were increased in value to compensate for the lack of anything between hard and soft drop.
  9. Guest

    Guest Unregistered

    oops, when i wrote this: To complete the t-spin you need to spend an extra 2-4 tetraminos (and if 4 tetraminos that is 4/10 of a tetris already). Coupled with the extra thought and decreased ease compared to setting up a tetris....

    i didn't mean you need extra tetraminos, i meant that it takes 2-4 tetraminos worth of dropping time (is there a technical term for this?) to complete it.

    how are your ts triples coming after 2 weeks? after 1 day i'm definitely <i>very</i> adequate and i bet after 2 weeks (maybe a bit longer) that my pace will be the same and the t-spins will be advantageous.

    but right now i'm with tepples, a single triple or double followed by tetrises.... i think that might be money.
  10. Josh

    Josh Unregistered

    I really need to practice these. Cosmonaut owned me so many times today because of this. I was trying to follow his strategy, but I always messed something up. I just stayed with completing tetrises, but that didn't work too well. I did manage to beat him a few times though. But he got most of the wins.
  11. btb triple t-spinsdo seem to require a lot of practise. I find it good to practise against the lvl 1 cpu on single player. Getting the right pieces to set them up seems to be the diificulty, as i always seem to get awkward S and Z pieces which don't fit anwywhere and cause be to build a tower up the screen - not helpful if your opponent sends several lines of garbage

    Hats of to Nicholas for the t-spin guide on the wiki. Some of those set ups seem pretty damn complicated. Using them agaianst an opponent would be near impossible - you just wouldn't get the time
  12. You're most welcome. [​IMG][​IMG]
    PRO TIP: all wiki entries have a history page
  13. nice one. never noticed that before
  14. I played somebody yesterday who was awesome at laying them down. He seemed to set them up with the same ease as i have setting up Tetrises. Occasionally he would screw up and i would win, but i think the final score was something like 3-18 in his favour.

    Also, what is the deal with the 'back-to-back'. Does it apply to lines cleared with or without a t-spin, or to t- pieces layed down with or without a t-spin. Sometimes i get a btb when i wouldn't have expected to get one
  15. Sully

    Sully Unregistered

    Back to back counts any t-spin or tetris. So you could go t-spin double, then tetris and the tetris would be back to back.

    DIGITAL Unregistered

    I experimented with T-spin doubles quite a bit today. They are extremely easy to set up when clearing garbage and can be very devastating when combined with a tetris soon-after. However, do not make the mistake of replacing tetrises with T-spins. They are only an add-on. Tetrises have the advantage in clearing garbage as they tend to come up in a column.

    While vsing a player in the 77xx today, I managed to surprised him with my combination tactic. We managed to even out our wins in the end (13(me)-12(him)), but I pulled down his rating significantly. I can see huge potential in this strategy if one spends time perfecting it.

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